Has anyone ever noticed the correlation between the amount of makeup you use and the days of the week, especially now that our kids have returned to school?

Seems funny but there is a big drop-off from Monday to Friday for me. Lets not even discuss Saturday and Sunday as those two days have their own set of rules completely.

For me, days 1-5 sorta run like this:

Monday – I begin my day all ambitious, leaving the house with a full face of makeup and feeling gorgeous;

Tuesday – Still feeling enthusiastic, but I lose the eye shadow and coinciding lid liner;

Wednesday – My excitement has dwindled noticeably, dropping the blush entirely and using neutral lip gloss instead of lipstick;

Thursday – I’m down to bare bones and even forgo my earrings;

Friday – Not a stitch on my face. I throw my clothes on, comb my newly showered wet hair back to dry on its own, and call it a day.

Do you recognize yourself in this reality? I know I’m not alone. Truth be told, I look awesome on Mondays but I like myself better on Fridays.

In fact, at some point, Friday might actually become my new Monday. It could happen!