In my role as a successful life coach, mentor, entrepreneur, motivated educator and disrupter of the “normal,” I see so many of my clients who, despite their backgrounds, education, and opportunities in life, constantly conspire to keep themselves small with their mindset and preconceived ideas around money and financial goals.

One of my clients, B., is a progressive, career-minded individual who was brought up in a successful, professional, goal-oriented, and loving family, has been struggling, in her own words, to “get ahead” in her profession. She has actively taken charge of her career, consciously up skilled changed roles and organizations as well as take on leadership opportunities and still finds herself “treading water.” Her workload has expanded, the people she is managing and the hours she is working have also increased — for no more financial reward than previously. Effectively, she has hit a ceiling; she is on a work-more-get-less treadmill and can’t break through, or step off.

This, to me, is such a familiar story, I hear this all the time from my clients. Why is this so often the case? It’s all to do with your beliefs around money.

As previously mentioned, Client B. was brought up in a loving, hard-working family, however, their mantra was “work hard, get good marks, build your career, and it will all come to you”. This “value” was instilled in her from an early age, at school, through university and it now echoes in and defines, her professional life.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with hard work, and I am certainly an advocate of conscious work with intent, especially around money mindset, I have three proven key beliefs around money and YOU.

Three things I choose to believe about money

Firstly, I believe that you were not just dropped on to this planet to earn some money, pay some bills and die. I don’t believe that this is your reality. Not you. How could this be all that there is to life?

My second belief around money and you is that when you shake off your entrenched ideas around work and money and tap into what you really have to give to the world you will see how easy it is to show up, be you and get paid for simply being you.

Thirdly, I believe that most people are living only into 10 percent of their divine-given potential. They know that there is more in every aspect of their lives to be gained and achieved and know that there must be a better way, other than simply trading time for money, and not enough of it at that!

The thoughts that keep you small

We have to cut off at the pass the things that conspire to keep us small. Ease and flow and opening up to our talents is a natural state for us. It’s a choice and the easiest of choices to make.

You’re thinking “What does this mean for me and how can I? … I can’t right now… It’s not a good time for me… I’ll wait until…” These are the thoughts that keep us limited and small.

Take the time to step aside and look at what is exactly going on… What’s happening in your environment? What old beliefs are you patterning? What’s really happening here?

Then, you start on the journey of having a greater self-awareness and you start to see the patterns and the programming that is emerging.

Ask yourself each time your unconscious mind throws up a negative impediment to your progress, ”Is this mine?

Is this MY thinking or is this something that has been overlaid on me? It doesn’t matter where it is from, your upbringing, your today, your yesterday, another time, another life…it doesn’t matter. Just step back and ask yourself, ”Is this mine?

Then you will start to see through the long-held beliefs that tie you into the same behaviors and deflect us all from our natural state of opening up to receiving the money and the lifestyle that is awaiting our acceptance.

Over the last seven years, I have assisted thousands of people, ordinary people as well as thought leaders and entrepreneurs, to grow their businesses and brands to six- and seven-figure successful enterprises. I’ve watched them receive what they desired in their lives and seen them cease trading time for money.

Ready to take the first steps towards releasing your entrenched beliefs around work and money? To move forward into a life of receiving what you desire and are worthy of?

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