Many of us give ourselves excuses as to why we aren’t making the amount of money we really want to make.  Excuses like:

“My job doesn’t pay me enough”, “I come from a poor family” “I don’t have the education level needed for a better job”, “I wasn’t given a fair shot”, “I wasn’t taught how to handle money”, “Finance just isn’t my thing”, “My husband/wife handles that”, “I don’t have a financial mind”….

Notice 1 thing: All of those excuses have an outside factor that is being blamed.  When you blame something outside of you, you surrender your power to change it.  Begin seeing the role that you play in the amount of money that you make.

I’ve been in the finance industry for over 17 yrs and one of the things I’ve learned is that wealth relies on your belief system:

  • What you believe about Yourself
  • What you believe about your Experiences
  • What you believe about Money

What you believe about yourself is key to what you will accomplish. Dig past your conscious thoughts and find what lurks in your subconscious thoughts. There may be limiting beliefs holding you back with you even realizing it.

What you believe about your experiences will impact how you see life. The belief that life is for you will create trust, peace, and motivation. The belief that life is against you will create worry, fear, and resentment. You can find these beliefs in what you say and think when things aren’t going your way. Do you say things like “Just my luck” or “Only luck I have is bad luck” or “Life is hard”.

What you believe about money is essential in making it! If you associate money with negative consequences, then you’re not going to make much of it. There are many false beliefs about money: money causes problems, money ruins relationships, it’s better to be poor because it’s more noble, rich people are cold, money changes people, money’s hard to come by, you have to work hard to make money….and the list goes on.

If all the excuses, stereotypes, and limiting beliefs were real then how did others succeed?

Faulty Belief #1: “I grew up poor, being rich is unrealistic”

Your past is not indicative of your future.  Your past only controls your future if you allow it to.  Jim Carrey, a loved comedian/actor, also grew up poor but is now worth $150 million.  Basketball player, Lebron James was raised by a young, single mom in a poverty-stricken neighborhood – he’s worth $450 million.  And let’s not forget Oprah, worth $2.7 billion.

Faulty Belief #2: “I could barely pay my bills now, I don’t see a way out of this” 

You can use your thoughts to motivate you or depress you, but whatever you believe, will come true.  The catch?  You have to TAKE ACTION.  Nothing’s going to happen if you don’t act towards paying off debt, keeping a budget, making more money, thinking of different sources of income.  So stop worrying and start thinking. JK Rowling was a divorced, single mother, suffering from depression but she was determined to bring Harry Potter to life.  She would spend hours at coffee shops writing, many times with her daughter asleep by her side.

Jan Koum lived on food stamps and came to the U.S. at 16 yrs old, he became the founder of Whatsapp and is worth over $7 billion.

Faulty Belief #3: “I don’t have the education level needed to make a lot of money”

I know many, many people who graduated from great universities and don’t have a clue how to make money.  I know many people who didn’t set a foot in college and are self-made millionaires.  If you need training for a career you’re passionate about, then figure out how to get that training.  But if you’re using that as an excuse, then you’re just procrastinating your greatness. Jack Ma failed college entrance exams twice before becoming a teacher. He then founded Alibaba and is now worth $20 billion

So put yourself to the test.  What beliefs have been holding you back? 

The beliefs we choose to accept is what can make us or break us so we must monitor our thoughts and beliefs. The only one standing in the way of your millionaire status is YOU.  As soon as you accept that, you’ll be unstoppable.