Stress management is important and it’s good to learn from industry experts who know how to deal with stress. Monica Pinto is the actress, influencer, executive producer, fashionista, and casting director who founded Hypmosis Visuals. Monica works in the entertainment industry with artists like Ariana Grande, Future, Maluma, SAINt JHN, J Balvin, The Jonas Brothers, Jon Bon Jovi and more, casting talent for their music videos and campaigns. She also casts talent for commercials, specializing in high fashion luxury brands, from Gucci to HBA.

Monica gave me the pleasure of sharing how she manages her stress from hard work. Here are Monica Pinto’s of Hypmosis Visuals tips.

Work on your Z’s

Monica says it all starts the night before when she prioritizes her sleep and gets as many Z’s as possible. Make sure your room is dark so you can go to sleep easily. Get new blinds or curtains for your room, if you have to.

Always think positive

Monica says mindset is important and staying positive, even during a stressful situation, is key to managing your stress levels. Her sister, Francesca Pinto, agrees with her on this.

Breath deeply

Deep breathing can do wonders for your stress levels. Monica says she practices deep breathing at least twice a day to maintain low stress levels. It only takes a few seconds to do, and the benefits are astonishing.


One of the keys to managing stress starts the night before, when you prioritize your sleep. Keep your mindset positive at all times, even during stressful situations. Practice deep breathing. Learn different types of breathing techniques, like box breathing. Thanks, Monica Pinto, for the chance to share an interview with us. To keep up with Monica or to submit to her projects, be sure to follow her on social media @hypmosis.