Have you ever wondered why one day you feel great and energetic and then the next not at all? It could be the phase and the sign of the Moon.

The Moon as the nearest light to earth has a monthly cycle and changes astrological signs every two and a half days. And all of these changes affect our mood, physical energy, concentration, self-care, and wellbeing.

How can this Moon Rhythm help you plan your days and month? The sign the moon is in gives us tips on what activities are most beneficial for that day.  And the monthly phase of the moon tells us whether we are in an energetic initiating mode or a consolidating, reviewing mode.

 We begin the monthly cycle with the NEW MOON which begins the lunar cycle.  You can find out when the new moon is by looking on any calendar or checking on the internet.  Begin new ideas, projects, even wishes and goals at the NEW MOON.  You can write them down and see how many you can accomplish.  Then work energetically to realize your projects during the two week period from the NEW MOON to the FULL MOON.  At the FULL MOON the energy peaks and you may feel very wired or exhausted from your labors.  You personally are at high tide. And the moon in the sky is at its brightest and most beautiful.

Minutes after the FULL MOON, Luna begins to wane.  She grows smaller and over the next 2 weeks her visible size shrinks.  Of course, the Moon doesn’t go away she is simply moving towards the dark of the moon when her light is not visible. 

The waning two week period of time is good for consolidating what you began at the New Moon, for grounding activities, and researching possibilities.  The waning moon rhythm doesn’t mean you can’t start something new it just means that there is more energy for consolidating.

A simple example.  You want a new job.  You begin to look, send out resumes, speak to contacts with the New Moon.  You work hard on all the possibilities you can find for the two week period from the New Moon until the Full Moon.  Then after the Full Moon, you follow up on the leads you gathered, you rest a bit and let your efforts breathe, you mull over the possibilities.  And then another New Moon comes and you begin your efforts again.  Of course, a big project like a new job, a new house, or a career change doesn’t happen in a month.  Following this rhythm means that you have a guide as to when to push forward and when to allow things to develop before expending your energy on them.

The second benefit of Moon Rhythms is following the astrological sign that the moon is in day by day.  The moon changes signs every two and a half days and the sign she is passing through gives us tips for what are favorable and not so favorable activities and concentrations.  The Moon sign of any particular day gives us the feel and focus for that day.

If you are very familiar with the astrological signs you can apply the meaning of the signs to that day.  If you are new the MOON RHYTHMS the easiest way to learn is to follow me on twitter @Stellastarguide.  I post the Moon position daily and have suggestions for activities that are auspicious according to that moon sign. You can use these descriptions for big decisions or small details.  Apply the moon’s position to your question and see how you feel about it.  If you watch your reactions and how things turn out you will begin to have a sense of your own rhythm and be in sync with that.

One last Moon Rhythm.  Since the Moon changes signs quickly, there are times when she is moving from one sign to another.  During these times the Moon is not connected to another planet by a major astrological aspect.  These time period are called VOID; the Moon is VOID of course or not connected.  During the void periods which can last a few minutes or a whole day, we usually feel unconnected, fuzzy brained, or not in the groove.  They are not necessarily bad times but unpredictable.  It is best not to make plans during the void moon because they rarely stick.  Go about your schedule in a low key way.  Don’t sign important documents or move on important decisions.  Watch how you feel.

Paying attention to the Moon rhythms helps you keep in touch with yourself and gives life a guide that is in tune with the cosmos.  For information on the Lunar phase, daily sign, and void moons follow me on twitter  @stellastarguide.


  • Constance Stellas

    astrologer, author The Little Books of Self Care, How To Be An Astrologer

    Constance Stellas maintains a private astrological practice in NYC and is the author of 18 books on Astrology.  Her upcoming project is Tree of Keys a graphic novel feature 12 Astro Heroes who save the world with their own sign specific talents.