Have you ever had a moment(s) of peace? It’s that state of being where there is no stress or anxiety, you’re sleeping well, there are no vices in your life, and your self-talk is amazing!

Whether you have had that moment(s) or not, you may or may not know that there is a cost for that convenience. Those moments like are earned. Sustaining those moments require effort. This is something that took me the vast majority of my life to understand. To be clear, I knew what it would take to have those moments but I chose to do otherwise…we often choose to do otherwise. The only way for me to truly understand was to practice the knowledge that I had acquired. When you practice, succeed or fail, you gain an understanding. The understanding helps to perfect the practice and qualifies you to teach/share what you’ve know and learned. These steps are part of the payment for the peace you seek. You must invest the time in reflection so that you are in tune with the knowledge that is held within you. We are vessels…often cracked vessels but still vessels. We are the sum total of the knowledge acquired by our ancestors. However, we must repair our cracks to better hold and maintain that knowledge. Once we repair the cracks we begin pouring from that vessel (us)…in other words, practice and teach what you know for your benefit and for others.


  • Khalif Ali

    Activist, Writer, Social Worker, Organizer...maybe an aspiring artist (stay tuned)