Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine (let’s refer to him as Mark, to protect his identity) was struggling to silence the voices in his head.

He complained to me about all the things that he wanted but didn’t have; what he aspired to be; the type of person he desired to be with; the countless things he wished to accomplish. He was anxious. He was frustrated. He was depressed.

I stayed quiet and listened until he asked:

“Why can’t I ever get what I want?”

To which I replied:

“Because what you want, changes.”

In Mark’s case, just as it is with a lot of us, we continue to want and ask for things which we desire in that phase of our lives. We continue to want for things which only provide temporary satisfaction. It could be a more prestigious job. It could be a bigger house. It could be a shinier car. You get the point — the list is endless.

The issue is that, usually when we get what we desire and want — after a brief period, we begin to want something else, or something more — version 2.0 or 3.0 etc.

After a year on the new job, we want an even more prestigious job. After a couple of years in the same house, we want an even bigger house. After adding some mileage on the new car, we want an even shinier car.

We all find ourselves caught in this endless chase and continue to be consumed by our desires. They become our purpose. We get to the top of the mountain and then see an even higher mountain in the distance that we want to climb.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having goals, but to be consumed by them to the point that we victimize ourselves and say “why don’t I ever get what I want” — that is a problem.

If you take the time to start listing all the things you have wanted and have received, you would be surprised at how long the list can become.

So, for all the Marks (gender neutral) out there — this poem is for you. Continue to strive for your goals and aspirations, but ask for health, contentment and peace in your mind and heart, since these are things you will always want in your life.


Pray not for what is physical
Rather pray for health of soul
Ask not for more and more
Rather you must ask to feel whole

Pray not for what may tempt you
Rather pray for what you need
Ask not for more and more
Rather it is for content that you must plead

Pray not for what is greedy
Rather pray for what is kind
Ask not for more and more
Rather you must ask for peace of mind

Pray not for the material world
Rather pray for strength to do your part
Ask not for more and more
Rather you must ask for comfort in heart

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