Every morning when we awake, there is a precious, childlike treasure, which moves us into action. We are grateful and hopeful, as such energy moves us into a grander level of achievement. Our dreams, hopes, and lifelong desires grant us the opportunity to do the necessary work in starting our day. As they say, time waits for no one. Furthermore, time is a precious tool for how we initiate change; all the while seeking holistic manifestations of our heart’s desire.

Awaking in the morning dawn, what are the dreams of your heart’s desire? Is there something you have been meaning to do? Is there a particular task, or list of to-dos, you have been meaning to get to? Is there a particular passion, you have been yearning to initiate? What are the fruits of your desires? Furthermore, how do they continue to move you into your sense of purpose on this Earth?

One of the best methods of initiating dreams is to move them to your imaginative psyche. Performing them. Acting them. However you desire! How precious it is to go into the realm of imagination, in order to bring such treasures into reality! What about the sacred beauty of song, dance, and how it moves a person into believing in a dreams manifestation? Do you remember those moments as children when we played make-believe? It was truly a holistic remedy, which further encourages us to believe in our dreams.

From this point onward and into our new day, let us bare witness to the power of ? music, and its ongoing power of singing our dreams into reality’s time! When My Dreams Come True! What a holistic melody in the healing vibes, for those who have forgotten their dreams. It goes to show that love has a method of moving into a higher sense of creativity!

Mary Eaton