When love is meant for a particular vibe, how do you cope? To be struck with love. What does that mean, entirely? Does it equate to being hit by a gigantic lightening bolt, and immediately feeling the awakening of life? Does it equate to moving through an entirely different tier for understanding what love means? Truly and deeply, what does it mean to be love struck?

Shall we bring in the element of water? Shall we water love with a unique element of its own accord? After all, water is one of the very testaments to love’s blessings. Shall we embrace being love struck with the blessed nature of immersing with a loving tenderness? Love is sacred and graceful, when performed in its tender touch. Love is simply Divine. ❤ And, the waters of Heaven rain down on a tender grace. When water ?has the tenderness of love’s fruition, understand that there is a wellness to it all. We are meant to be restored and re-nourished. Perhaps, it’s time to re-imagine a different meaning to being, love struck? Perhaps.

For now, and for today, let’s permit ourselves to awaken into a more holistic venture, as it pertains to love. Forget about the flirtatious jitters, surrounding love. Forget about the stereotypes traditionally associated with love. For now, let’s focus on a more subtle foundation, and meaning to the very being of, love! This time, let’s permit love to be struck with the theme of restoration, re-birth, and re-cleansing. We must get to the healing, before a struck of love can, re-bloom!

Beverly Wolff