Love is eternal; and so is time! Do you know what is fascinating? Love has no time limits. Even when a loving partnership has ended, that love is still alive. It’s not always about the distance. Sometimes, it’s simply treasuries the memories, regardless as to how it may have ended. Sometimes, it’s all about reflecting upon those loving memories.

Do you want to know another interesting component about love? It is so vast, that it can’t be measured. That’s simply how the Universe (and the Creator) have ordained it. Love is timeless and endless. It is ongoing, even when a person has transitioned over, into the other side.

So many times, we may become heartbroken, when experiencing a love’s departure. It is painful, sorrowful, and may even cause a person to wish death upon themselves. Yet, if only such an individual understood the very power of love. If only they knew, that such a love will never leave them-even in death.

For the broken-hearted, and those, who are grieving the very pain of loss, just know that such a love is, forever. The passing of a loved one. The ending of a coupledom. Know that such a love is always and forever! “Do I love you more than a day?” More than days, weeks, months, years, and the perceived capturing of time. For love can not be counted or controlled through numbers. It just simply, IS!

Beverly Wolff