The city of Atlanta! It’s one of the vibrant metropolitan arenas of the South. Waking up in the early treasures of the morning ?, the day begins slow and speeds up to a busy step. There is the morning sunrise, and the creating of one’s morning coffee to start the day. Breakfast is rising. Dressed up. Briefcase is in hand. Everyone is ready to go. The engine is on to get the car warmed up, and you jump in.

There is the infamous, morning rush hour traffick. Geesh! Well, it’s just enough time to sip on one’s fresh morning coffee, and listen to the morning radio station, play. It is a reflective experience. There are different ways of moving forward, throughout the day. Driving through tranquility, while exploring the wonders surrounding the scenery. Can you imagine your personal theme song? ?? Driving in the early morning, only to experience the tender nature of moving through the city to get to work.

There is a magical bliss in the context of the morning. A refreshness lingers over the city sky. A new dawn. An even more vibrant day. The pace becomes even more busy, throughout each and every giving of the day. Yes, indeed. There is a way of navigating throughout the space. For, throughout those moments, there is a nostalgia throughout the atmosphere. Morning and music has a way of getting you in perfect meditation, while also preparing you for the day.

So, here we have the song to get you into a vibrant morning. It feels, oh so good, and it overcomes any hesitancies you may have in getting the day’s work done. Instrumental music has its place. As you are thinking about the myriad tasks needed for the day, you begin to ponder upon the responsibilities. Before you get stressed out, just reflect upon your inner magic. They are those special moments of envisioning yourself tackling the day’s work, with minimal effort. Soon, all of your problems are erased away.

In the photograph, below, there is that level of intimacy. Just imagine yourself driving through such intimate mystery. It’s quite magical, isn’t. The vibrance of the sky becomes your magical oasis. Magical and invigorating! There is a lot to move through. How’s that for mental preparation of the day? Drive on and get ready. For the day will become a magical swing into a new vibrant and refreshing song!

Slim Bryant