The company of three, when two becomes.a crowd; love becomes a bitter spice ?; we’ll taste it, outlook

Moving through mountains, in a time when love was two; now, it’s more complicated-them, me, and you; as there is also, thee

Love is a mystery; two hearts can beat as one; bring love into a sudden stillness, where strife does not beat as one

Three. One. Two. Three. Love’s triangle beats unto, thee

I should have foreseen the breaths for a loving treat; for in the game of love, my heart is torn into, three

Love’s interchange; blessings of a greater love, a major problem had come and moves through the Heavens, above

Two is company, yet there is another crowd

Love maneuvers into a sampling, for another, outloud

Two is company, three is a crowd; manifest a one love and sing it, out loud

Roy Drusky