As many people are on a cringe from constantly hearing the spread and increase of COVID-19, one would think that the masses have no control. “Powerless” and being unable to tackle a public health issue, presenting itself as getting worse, as the days go on. People are feeling “powerless,” as many television platforms are constantly bombarding viewers with messages of COVID-19, not going anywhere, anytime, soon. And, through it all, there is an important (and hidden) question needing to be addressed. . .what can I do?

If our eyes were to stay glued to the television for too long, we would literally fall into a state of panic and helplessness. Sure. We have been given the regular tips: stay home, wash your hands, keep your hands from your face, and etc. There are even the wellness tips surrounding exercise and eating well. However, what are other activities, which can be done in restoring, and releasing the toxicity of. . .fear and anxiety.


They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, its also greater than fear, too. The power of capturing words on paper is that they allow us to release certain thoughts from the mind; which, in turn, impacts our emotional state and well-being. It is through our mind, where we gain control of the rest of our Being; including the part of us, which is invisible to the naked eye.

By releasing our thoughts, especially, the negative ones, we are collecting those emotions. Collecting them and placing them in a space, outside of ourselves. It is healing and nourishing to our very Being. In this regard, we do have control. We are training ourselves to master our inner balance; especially, during times of instabilities. Those times when human lives are being altered, as circumstances force us to change.


As many of us are working to stay productive, and attentive to our career responsibilities, we can not deny the overwhelming pressure being felt. Its enough to go into panic mode. Losing control of our daily scheduling, and sitting in total fear of what is currently happening. Yes. It can happen of we don’t have a daily activity, which keeps us sane and centered.

One of the most sacred things we can do for ourselves, in getting through the COVID-19 epidemic, is to. . .write. Making it a morning habit, is a powerful instrument in starting each day. Its a mental cleansing-a method in empowering our mind for the day’s productivity. What is it that we desire to accomplish for the day? AND What do we need to do to get into productivity mode?

Before we get into a mentality of creativity, what we also have to assess, is how we are feeling during this time. If fear is one of the things that we feel when we wake up, we need to release and capture! Use our pens to purge that energy onto blank paper, and allow it to stay there. Permit your fears and anxieties to be captured. They do not enjoy your life-sustaining energy. By allowing them to stay inside, we are permitting toxicity to drain us from the healthy energy.we could actually be using for. . . production.


Keeping a journal or diary, during these times is more than therapeutic. It is actually life saving when it comes to stabilizing our minds. Enriching it with energies of hope, joy, peace, comfort, and love. Keeping a diary allows us to write those beauties, and precious moments, which are not being shown on television. A person sets goals. A promise to ourselves that we will accomplish what we have written. There is no turning back on that.

Writing every morning in our journal/diary also gives us the opportunity to re-vive the intimacy, that we should be giving to ourselves. There are a number of us, who have lost that, during this current COVID-19 epidemic. So many who are feeling that all hope is lost. Or that we will lose out on all the opportunities, that we had lined up for the year. All of our plans, work projects, and major dreams seem as if they are going down the drain because of the world’s current fight. We feel that we are going to miss out. Write down those fears. And once you have done that, (enough to feel where you feel good, afterwards), get to writing.

Journaling is reclamation of our power. During these times, humanity needs all of the strength, and power, that we can muster. Collecting our thoughts in a blank manuscript means that we are taking back control. In this regard, we have mental control over this Corona epidemic. Catching whatever fears, that its very name is causing. Then, we trap it, so its unable to float around in our minds. Our words, pinned down on paper, places us in a position of authority. In essence, we are re-stabilizing our lives, in the midst of change.


Another important factor in keeping a morning diary/journal, its documenting our lives, during this time. Thus, we are in charge of our truth and experiences, in this difficult and crucial period. We are leaving our mark for future generations. Living our lives, and being fruitful in them, is a powerful message for future seedlings. It means that we did not cave in, or give up. It means that we continued to thrive, in spite of.

The greatest weapon in overcoming turmoil, or challenges, is to write them. When we apply them to paper, it means that we decide they can not live inside of us. They must reside, elsewhere. When toxicity is not permitted to live in human domain, it loses its energy. Becoming stale, with little to no sensory. That’s the power of the pen. Write one’s reality into existence. Write one’s peace into reality. And, write one’s peace into Being, during this time of Corona.