The way you start your morning can make or break your entire day, or even your entire week, which is why morning routines have become so important to working professionals. While some morning routines are designed to maximize productivity, a new survey of 2,000 people revealed that 85% of Americans are making an effort to increase their positivity each morning.

The survey, which was conducted by OnePoll in conjunctions with The Original Donut Shop Coffee, found that 88% of people considered themselves positive people overall, but 69% still wished they could be more positive.

What people do to start their morning off positively

Among those surveyed, 48% of people believe that setting their alarm clock a few minutes ahead and waking up earlier is important for starting a day on a positive note. Additionally, the survey showed that 48% of people think smiling and thinking something positive is the key to kicking the morning off right, while 43% turn to meditating to start the positive vibes flowing.

In addition to mental exercises, 48% of those surveyed said that physical exercise is the practice they use in order to start their day positively.

What half of Americans need to start their morning positively

While different people use widely varying techniques to start their day on a positive foot, the survey revealed that half of Americans turn to their coffee pot in order to find the positivity that we all crave in the morning.

Four in five people surveyed agreed that their morning cup of coffee not only starts their morning off right, but also helps them stay both positive and productive throughout the entire day.

What Americans do to increase positivity

The survey revealed that 58% of those studied consciously surround themselves with positive people and 53% will make efforts to try and appreciate others more.

Even further, 48% keep a gratitude journal in which they list things that they are grateful for. Bringing in some new technology to this journey of gratitude, 47% of those surveyed said that they listen to uplifting podcasts in order to boost their own positivity.

Surprising finding about positivity and working from home

While many people choose to work from home to cut out their commute and make life easier, 75% of those surveyed who work in an office consider themselves a positive person, compared to only 45% of respondents that work from home who consider themselves to be positive.

Additionally, half of those surveyed agreed that a positive work environment allows them to flourish when it comes to productivity. Seven in 10 respondents said they have a very positive coworker who helps them get through the day. While working from the comfort of your own home might seem like the life, that “positive coworker” may have to come in the form of your cat or dog.

But at the office, appreciation from coworkers goes a long way. Of those who work in an office, 75% say they receive appreciation from their coworkers and four out of five say that they feel more motivated to perform well when their employer shows appreciation for their work.

This article was originally published on The Ladders.

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