Morning Routine

Have you been feeling lost during the lockdown? Is it like nothing interests you anymore? And no matter how much effort you put into making your day productive, you find yourself feeling lousy and stuck in the same routine every day?

Well then, trust me, you are not alone. The number of people reporting psychological issues has increased drastically ever since the coronavirus epidemic broke out.

So, let’s talk about a morning routine to help you take command of your mental health and get more work done during the day!

Morning Routine as per Michael Osland to Boost Mental Fitness During COVID-19 outbreak

We know you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, which is why this routine is strategically kept short and contains simple habits that will help you achieve sound mental health


Meditation works wonders on the human mind and body. Start your day by sitting idle for a few minutes right after you wake up. Focus on any sound that is perceivable to you. Paying attention to your breathing is also a great option. You can gradually increase the duration every day.


Practice stretching right after you come out of your bed. This will stimulate blood flow and help release tension that builds up in the body as a result of psychological stress.

Stretching releases the tight muscles and instantly prepares your body for the day.

Make Your Bed

During the lockdown, we all have felt the need to avoid making our bed. We even like to work in our beds. It is best to make your bed in the morning and leave your resting place for some hours during the day. This simple activity will signal your brain to get ready for the day.

Have a Happy Meal

We are what we eat. Food, especially your breakfast, directly impacts your mood and behavior according to Michael Osland. The best breakfast contains a mix of protein, fat and complex carbohydrates.

To kickstart, add eggs, sprouted-grain toast, and smashed avocados to your breakfast. All of these are proven to be beneficial for people dealing with mental stress.

Practice Gratitude

It may seem difficult to find out things to be grateful about during a global pandemic. But that is not entirely true. Right after your breakfast, list down some of the things that you are grateful for. Why not start with the breakfast you just finished?

In the long run, this practice will ensure that your mind is more focused on the positive aspects of your life rather than fixating on the negative ones.


Lastly, sit back for 5-10 minutes and write down your thoughts and experiences. It’s not just an amazing way to release stress but also therapeutic if practiced regularly.

So with easy steps,you will feel mentally sound during the COVID-19 pandemic. Encountering stress and feeling anxiety is normal these days. Hence conscious efforts into being mentally fit are now required more than ever before.

Remember, consistency is the key when developing a new healthy habit.