Before 2020, we lived a more rushed lifestyle, been difficult to complete all of the tasks around the house before leaving to go to our offices. Due to the pandemic, we were forced to become remote workers, and many of us began to understand how important it is to take care of our homes. 

We learned how keeping a clean and tidy home is directly related to our attitude and productivity when we work from home. This issue became critical because I began to understand the drive and positivity I needed to start a good day at work. For me, it began until my bedroom was tidy and mainly until I made my bed.

Because I set my home office in my bedroom, this habit became essential to creating a calm work environment. And for me, it can be motivating to see a nice, well-made bed start a productive day. But, it is also something that can constantly be changing at home. We can do it by taking inspiration, perhaps from a bed that we had seen in our favorite Netflix series or maybe that one we had enjoyed on vacation when we stayed in an incredible place with luxury features.

When I realized that my morning routine and mainly making the bed every day gave me a positive feeling that helped me get better at my job, I analyzed how this part of my day improved my life. And this is what I found.

Benefits of a Morning Routine

Perhaps it is easy for most adults to understand that the way we start our mornings sets the tone for the rest of our day and can be the difference between a productive day or a slow one. When we work from home, although we have the flexibility to do it from anywhere, having a well-established morning routine can make us have a productive day at work.

A routine can be defined as a repeated behavior involving a momentary time commitment task that requires little conscious thought.- NCBI

Creating our morning routines is not specifically about how you can achieve more things during the day. Instead, it is about starting your day with a positive attitude, confidence, and calm. And starting the day this way makes it easier for us to be more efficient to complete our tasks or face unforeseen things and solve problems without feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Why Should We All Try to Make Our Beds?

There are two types of people in the world: those who make their bed and those who leave it unmade every morning, and both sides’ opinions are different over the relative virtues of this daily practice.

We all know people who think that making their beds is wasting their time because they do not see an immediate and direct benefit to their lives. While other people think that making their beds is much more than fulfilling a chore at home. Making your bed starts the day in an organized way, fulfilling the day’s first task successfully. It is one little thing that makes us feel that we live in a responsible and orderly manner.

There is scarce research on the impact of making your bed. However, there is much anecdotal evidence pointing to this daily practice’s significant mental health benefits. These benefits include a sense of accomplishment, feeling calm, improved organization, stress reduction, and better sleep.

According to studies, people generally sleep better when their bedroom environment is best suited for comfort, temperature, light, and noise levels. So an unmade bed or a messy room can prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep. In addition to this, other studies show that people who make their beds are more likely to have a restful sleep.

Although I know that making the bed is not something that will change our lives significantly, those of us who chose to do it have been able to experience benefits for our mental health, productivity, and sleep patterns.

Do the Test

Making or not making the bed is a personal decision. For those of us who look for different strategies to improve our well-being, try making your bed if you haven’t done it so far or, on the contrary, stop making it for a while could be an experiment in which we can test if this morning task is good for you. In my experience, making my bed every day has brought important benefits because I did not give importance to doing it, and now it has become a relaxing and even fun task for me.