Good time of the day. This is identical twins Kirill Revega and Filipp Revega – actors, social media influencers, better known as TwinsFromRussia . As a twin-actors, we frequently work on set, auditioning for different projects, passionately waiting when casting puts you ” on hold ” or ” on availability ” and then suddenly drops you ( releases from booking ). All this causes so much stress, mental instability. Today we wanted to share Most Common Reasons Why Actors Are Being Stressed and the The Ways How You Can Fight With It.

Stress fetters you a lot, emotionally brings you down and if you wont find a way to release all bad vibes and how to deal with the stress, you can fall into a long term dispersion and this is totally going to ruin your career of a successful actor. This is why it is so important to talk about stress management and share this information with the others. This article is going to be helpful not only for beginners in acting industry, currently working actors but also for everybody else who wants to prevent themselves from falling into a similar situation.

Going through the same path, making our acting careers here in Los Angeles, we faced this stress problems, we had to learn and educate ourselves. Right now, we are exited to share this with you guys. Lets jump right into this!

Most Common Causes of Stress

1. Fear Not To Fit – In Into The Industry

Some causes of stress are generated by fears. First cause is relatable to beginners of the acting industry or ” want to be actors “. In 21st century, when acting profession became really popular, many people want to give it a try and start to act. On the same end, realizing how many actors there are in Hollywood, some of the future actors starting to give up without even putting their feet in the door. Their fears starts to arise, giving them the idea that they won’t fit in or won’t become successful with this huge competition. Here comes the stress. BUT THIS IS NOT RIGHT. You got to push through this first hardest step and put yourself out there. There are so many great projects and opportunities for you. No meter who you are, no meter how you look, casting or client might like you. You might be booked for a amazing project and become really successful even from the first gig!

2. Fear of a Huge Competition

Second fear comes from the first one and is relatable for all actors who successfully got ready for the industry, made their headshots and frequently go out for auditions. The fear of a huge competition never completely leaves you and you have to leave with it. It is really easy to give up on your acting career when you did not book your second or third audition in a row. We know some actors who burnout after several unsuccessful auditions. You also have to remember that a good gig and a life-changing moment can come any day. In this case, you have to find your motivation, keep going and never stop. So many actors became famous after years and years of work.

We have a lot of examples when our friends – actors were not booked to often but suddenly they got a really great and well paid jobs. We suggest you to always keep this examples in your mind, it is really motivational!

3. Lack of Self – Confidence

Imagine, your agent have been submitting you for many projects and you received an audition or self-tape request. At this moment you remember that you have been auditioning, recording self-tapes for lots of projects before. You work so hard, put your best efforts to it and you rarely getting booked. You are not sure anymore if you have to go for audition or record this self-tape since you almost never get those gigs. This memories and latest booking failure produces some sort of a laziness that brings your motivation down. Lack of self-confidence also generates a lot of stress and it is one of the main reasons of stress. 

Personally can relate this to ourselves. We have recorded tons of self-tapes but we book just a small percentage of them. Every time, we remind ourselves how many actors there are in Hollywood and we understand that this is completely normal. Every single self-tape we do, we get better at it. Our best gig and your big gigs are still coming, guys!

We also know some actors who stopped doing self-tapes after they recorded them so many times without further success. We want you to always remember that you are not the only one. There are many other actors who feel the same. If you constantly record self-tapes and go out for auditions while somebody skips on them or does not show up at auditions, it raises up your chances a lot! 

4. Waiting Stress

Being on hold means that you are and couple of other actors ( usually 2-3 others ) waiting to be finally confirmed for the exact job. The director, clients choose the one who will work the job not by only how well he or she did on the audition, they also consider look, some exact features, measurements and other things. Majority of actors while being ” on hold ” or ” on availability ” starting to stress to much. So even if they did not book the job, it does not necessarily mean that they did bad on audition. It can also mean that client or director liked somebodies look better for this specific job. But some actors who are not aware of that, start to stress too much what drops their self-esteem.


We are not an exception. Like for everybody else, it was really hard for us to start, constantly keep motivation when we seen so many successful actors and creatives around every day. It is a little easier for us to keep going comparing to other actors since we are twins and we always have each other. Even if one of us feels sad or looses motivation, there is always a second twin – brother ready to support, ready to share his positive energy and recharge you. Maybe you guys have to find somebody as well who will support you. And of course, you have to always believe in what you do and a great things are coming for you. All of our thoughts materialize! Good luck and break a leg!

Healthy well-being is very important for people of every specialties, especially for actors since productivity of their work depends on their internal state and their emotional condition. That is why topics about stress management will always be on demand for people who are interested in successful career and self-development.

Thank you so much for you attention. Those are the problems we faced and lessons we learnt while frequently auditioning, working on set. We really hope that those lessons will become a helpful TIPS for your careers. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media pages @TwinsFromRussia.

And please, let us know if you want to hear more stories from us that could be helpful for you.