Certain foods are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that are extremely helpful in reducing the extra pounds.

Take a look at the most effective weight loss foods that might help you lose weight fast with regular exercising.

Nutritious Foods for Weight Loss:

  • Spaghetti Squash

An average American consumes about 15.5 pounds of pasta (most of it made from refined white stuff) every year. Pasta is devoid of micronutrients and fiber and hence, very bad for health. While spaghetti squash contains only about 40 calories per cup. It contains about 75 percent lesser calories than a cup of plain pasta and is a great source of potassium and vitamin A.

  • Salsa

Salsa is the most nutritious yet tasty substitute for ketchup. Loaded with nutritious veggies, it not only helps to lose weight fast but also boosts your metabolism. A ketchup generally contains 4 grams of sugar and 19 calories per tablespoon whereas, salsa has no added sugar and only 5 calories per tablespoon. Tomatoes used to make salsa are packed with vitamin C, lycopene, and fibers. These nutrients are extremely beneficial in losing the extra pounds. In addition, jalapenos in salsa also help to boost your metabolism.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal contains the same amount of proteins as eggs, which is why it is one of the most popular breakfast foods for weight loss. Oatmeal is loaded with fibers and helps to increase satiety, lowers hunger ratings and also leads you to consume less calories in the next meal. Nutritionists recommend adding some berries and chia seeds on the top of your oatmeal to add a fiber boost.

  • Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is considered to be the most nutritious and healthy of all the other types of yogurts. It is an amazingly healthy breakfast food that is high in protein content. Studies have revealed that Greek yogurt has the highest protein content and provides the highest satiety as compared to the other types of yogurt. In addition, the probiotics in the yogurt help the good bacteria in the gut to function more effectively.

  • Quinoa

Quinoa is an effective weight loss food grain. It is loaded with fibers and protein and contains about 220 calories per cup. Also, it offers a complete set of amino acids which can be directly converted into muscle by the body.

  • Whole Grains

Whole grains, including cereals, pasta, rice, and more are extremely effective for weight if coupled with regular exercise. Experts have reported that substituting whole grains for refined grains can help lose more calories and also boost up the metabolism. Refined grains are unhealthy whereas, whole grains help to increase satiety and contain fibers that are healthy for your heart.

  • Almonds

Though nuts like almonds are not low in calories, they contain numerous healthy properties and are loaded with fibers and proteins. These nutrients are ideal for effective weight loss. A study reported that consuming 1.5 ounces of almonds every day along with a heart-healthy diet can help to lower bad cholesterol levels and lipid profiles. The study also revealed that almonds are effective for weight loss too.

  • Pistachios

Pistachios are the super-nuts that help to improve the cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. It is an amazingly healthy snack and helps to lose weight fast. In addition, it promotes healthy gut bacteria, benefits the blood vessels, lowers the blood sugar, and controls high blood pressure.

  • Eggs

Eggs are loaded with protein content and their white part (Albumin) is extremely effective for weight loss. A boiled egg contains only one gram of carbohydrates. Studies reveal that eating eggs in the breakfast helps to increase satiety and engages you to eat lesser calories during the next meal. In addition, eggs are packed with essential antioxidants, healthy fats, and amino acids and are a secret weapon for effective weight loss.

Eggs are essentially recommended by the dietitians and nutritionists for weight loss. Majority of the people who do gym workouts, consume it because it helps them to monitor their weight loss progress. Some of the practitioners also make use of supplements which also lead in weight loss. One must read the review at health review us for detailed supplement review.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, an active ingredient that gives the food its spiciness and helps to boost the metabolism and lose extra pounds. As per studies, a diet with capsaicin leads to the consumption of about 200 lesser calories during the next meal. Additionally, it helps to lower the blood pressure, reduce, the risk of cancer, aids the digestive health and reduces hunger.


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