Nature is one of the best performance stages. In fact, it is the best of the performance stages. For, it ensures that a musician or vocalist has moved into the very depths of one’s Being, in order to pull the best that music has to offer. It forces the singer (or musician) to expand and experience the alignment of Earth and song. Such is the way of true musicianship and artistry. Unfortunately, it’s a skill and craft, which has been long forgotten by many artists of the day. Unfortunately.

Rounding off within Armenian lands, and Mother continues to sing. For, out of the gardens, she has landed next to the watery landscapes. That’s where she has laid her next performance domain. This time, out of the gardens, it is water, that will caress the song. ??

The color of courage decorates her. Golden highlights anoint her. Now, she is ready as her attire awakens the glittery magic, for the song. It is entitled, “Sasna Tsur!” Of course, it remains oblivious to the foreign ears. Yet, her performance of the song is so enlightening that it provides you with clues of its meaning. That’s one of the blessings of performance backgrounds and attire. Should you be lost to the meaning of a song, you are still aligned with its foundation. The visual artistry provides those necessary hints. It elongated (and stretches) the very meaning of the song. Everything becomes clear, even when you do not comprehend the very meaning of the song, linguistically.

Standing by the water, in performance mode, one Armenian, musical mother does not simply sing a song. In addition to the vocal performance, there is also the acting component. Expressions and personification of water. If water was a performance, how would it perform? If it sang in a certain way, for its open-water concert, how would it circle itself throughout the audience and its given space?

Sasna Tsur.” The words are short and yet the energy appears much longer, and greater than what the naked eye could see. For the record, you have to feel it. Imagination jumps in, and the imagery, begins.

Her voice is the strength and eloquence of white champagne. Therefore, the texture comes to match the water, and how it becomes part of the stage.

While in the gardens, Mothers vocal healing vibrated within the gardens. Now, it is being channeled in the atmosphere of the waters. There is a slight difference. If you listen closely, you can hear more of the fluidity, which is associated with water. Proud and courageous, the waters have connected with the Universe. Through her, Earthly waters and Universal waters become, one. It is final. Mother has sung!

Valya Samvelyan