Chelsea who hails from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada is a 25-year-old social media influencer.  The journey of being an influencer kick-started when Chelsea realized that she could help a larger audience if she started putting herself online. When she was in high school she would always recommend products, taught her friends new hairstyles and would usually be ahead of the trends. “I would constantly be repeating myself to people on the same topics that one day I decided to start a YouTube channel thinking maybe other people would want to know these things as well.” she has always been someone who loved watching YouTube and learning new things so she went for it. For a few years, Chelsea kept it a secret from her friends but soon realized that sharing her content would reach a wider audience.

“YouTube was my first big step into the social world but takes a lot of work to edit and create videos. Although I enjoyed editing it was very time consuming especially when I was in university, that’s when I got more into Instagram. Instagram for me is a quick and easy way to share my ideas and connect with my followers. I still love making YouTube videos and creating content on both platforms.”

Her content was based around beauty and fashion originally but gradually her content began to incorporate self-love, self-care&kindness.Now that she has become a mother, she is stepping into the “mommy blogger” niche. “I can feel the overwhelming amount of love and know that things are only going up from here. Being somewhat trendy and also being a mom is so fun and allows me to make content I enjoy while also sharing some amazing tips for my fellow mamas, soon to be or individuals who love family content.”

She will continue to share beauty and fashion on her social platforms, but from the perspective of a busy mom while also documenting some amazing memories with her family. She loves to help and share the knowledge and hopes to inspire, help and entertain people. “We are all on our journey and it is so important to uplift others, share what we know, and live each day without fear of what others will say”, Chelsea remarked. Following along Chelsea’s journey is exactly that, relatable, uplifting, and entertaining.