Motherhood and Business. These two areas are probably the hardest to juggle for any female entrepreneur. My intention with this article is to give you a different perspective and the tools to blend and complement them in your “busy” daily lifestyle.

At the end of this article, you will hopefully learn how to prioritize and focus on what really matters and stop cracking under the pressure of motherhood and business.

So, what is it so special with moms in business? Everything, I dare to say. Motherhood and business are complements and you can blend them into your life so perfectly. But, you need to be a bit conscious of those two roles in your life so you don’t lose your woman sparkle/your purpose. I once did lose sight of my purpose but I am happy to say I have not only overcome it, I have found a way to pay it forward to other female entrepreneurs, especially moms. You can read a glimpse of my story and 5:5 rule for a healthy, happy and free life in Thrive Global that uncovers my journey from Burnout Overachiever to Flow Manifestor.

You should absolutely read this if you are a mom in business, mom to be and or a female entrepreneur who desires to become a mom at some point in the future. I will share 2 Key ingredients to Thrive and create more flow in your life and business.

1. Be a NERD but also listen to your Intuition. You will have plenty of unsolicited advice being served 247/ but as long as you trust your intuition, you’re good, boo!

I wanted a baby even before I was ready to have one; back in 2007 when I was a full-time student and full-time entrepreneur. I was 24 years old, married to the love of my life and in our 7th year of being together. You know the myth of seven years, right? You either make it or you break it.

I wasn’t prepared but I knew I wanted to be the best mother to this human being. I started learning all about the new changes in my body and I was so excited to gain weight. Yeah I know, most of the mother’s expecting, are afraid and even very focused on not gaining weight during pregnancy, but I felt quite opposite. Being a skinny girl all my life, I knew that this pregnancy was my time to shine. Anyways, like the nerd I was and still am, I wanted to know everything about parenting, natural birth, and breastfeeding. In my research about all things motherhood, I came across a flood of information. For first-time mothers, you can easily get lost and overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s out there. Not to mention the advice that many people feel the need to give you – do it like this or do it like that. It can be difficult with the conflicting information out there, but you really have to listen to your gut feeling, your intuition, your heart and do what you feel is right.

The same approach has to be used in your business. It’s so important to trust your gut and not listen to every single piece of advice that people may give you when you are building your own business.  Just as I always wanted to be a mother, I have always wanted to run my own business and be an entrepreneur. I remember my mom and dad always being frustrated with their jobs and money and always telling me: “You need to study a lot and work hard so you can be happy.” The studying part wasn’t a problem because by design I was pretty curious and wanted to learn as much as I could. I always loved reading and lectures were actually my favorite part of the school. But the ‘work hard’ part just didn’t click with me, and that’s simply because I never saw my hard-working parents as really happy or fulfilled. They appeared to be quite the opposite actually – broke, stressed and overwhelmed. They were strictly doing something that was convenient rather than something that they were passionate about and I suppose that’s the all-time story of any immigrant back in the ’80s.

Settling to be normal, to blend in, to be comfortable, especially if you are an ex-pat or immigrant, has so much to do with the fact that we don’t know how to move forward and where to seek help. It is so important to stay focused, determined and to listen to your passion and heart.

2. Visualizing – You need to see it and feel it in your minds-eye to experience it with your body. Your thoughts evoke feelings and those feelings will get you moving to achieve whatever you want.

As I was growing during pregnancy, mentally and physically, I felt fulfilled and excited. I was really prepared the closer the date was to approach. This was also the first time I started visualizing. I started practicing visualization in order to prepare for the delivery of our child. I visualized a perfect oasis on an island and pictured myself laying on the beach, drinking Pina Colada and life was just perfect. That was my picture day in, day out and I imprinted that in my mind; ready for the time when the pain would arrive. Imagine yourself in an absolutely happy place, vibrating on the highest frequency – you can literally trick your brain to not feel the pain.

Visualization can be used to help with dealing with the pain but it can also help with crushing your business goals. The more sensational feeling you bring to your mind with visualization the more your subconscious feels/sees what you want.  The more your subconscious can see this, the more likely you will attract that in your reality. For example, when I was practicing my oasis and preparing myself for my first childbirth, I knew that I wanted to experience the happiest and the most joyful birth. I was able to do that by focusing on things that bring me happiness and joy and eventually practice became mastery. My birth was pure joy and happiness – simply because I wanted it to be so and because I envisioned it, with full picturesque emotions long before it happened. Alongside with a birth plan – what can I say, I am big on planning.

The same applies for business. If you have any goal, this is what you should be doing for intentional goal setting:

1. Be clear about WHAT you want – regarding birth, parenting and also in your business

2. Be clear about the WHY – why is this important to you?

3. Be clear on WHO can help you, how and when!  

4. VISUALIZE and/or make a vision board

As always, nothing, in theory, makes sense if you don’t try it. If you have a business idea or you want to try a new way of conscious parenting, be committed and consistent in your trials. Learn by mastering your skills, entrepreneurial and parenting. Don’t be afraid to test things. Picasso did 50,000 work of arts in his lifetime, to ‘only’ have 10 most valuable masterpieces in the world. Don’t be afraid to try, tweak and grow together with your business and your child.

If you wanna guidance through Intentional Goal Setting, Planning your Vision and Designing your Vision board, then I invite you to watch my FREE 3-part video series that walks you through Goal setting that actually works!


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