This is Us!

This picture of us worth a thousand words with beautiful and meaningful memories. There is so much to perceive and experience from nine months of pregnancy where the body undergoes changes to 360%. The urge to meet my little man ,touch his fingers , tiny toes and be able to kiss his chubby cheeks are magical. This is the major achievement in my life , indeed in every woman’s life where she brings into light the strength, resilience and the power of endurance found within herself while giving birth. The uttermost agony, ‘Labour pain’. There is nothing more painful .

My journey of Mothership , started well with positive vibes. The very first reaction was ‘Wow’ . There is no better feeling than the movement of a tiny human being raised inside me. ‘A blessing to us and the fruit of the womb’. My hubby and I we celebrated with chilled wine, and for me of course a fruit punch. I had put in my mind that I will go for a normal delivery, for that I did everything I could. Being married in a family of doctors , I was given full attention and taken proper care of healthy diets on my plate , no junks and fast foods were allowed, following yoga sessions by trainers, pelvic exercises , gym ball , reading pregnancy and childbirth books etc.. Last year, my best friend delivered a baby boy too, she had to undergo a c- section . My concern was ‘please tell me what you went through during your childbirth’. I felt sad, devastated as I didn’t want to go through this way. As every woman, I was always intrigued about how it feel in the labour room and how to endure such P.A.I.N. In this matter , I was quite lucky as my sister in law, being a midwife gave me all the proper proceedings (how it feel like when the contractions start , breathing techniques , the required exercises to follow, hot shower, squatting etc). I felt relaxed and convinced. My husband and I youtubed it but I couldn’t concentrate on the video. Terror gripped my whole being but my hubby encouraged me by raising my level of confidence by telling me ;

You need to face fiercely this fear and rise above darling, this is the natural process. You can't escape from it. There is no way out.

From the next day, what I did for myself was my best decision ever .I prepared myself a list of pregnancy affirmations which I read all days and nights while embracing a optimistic attitude to fight gracefully my fear. My only reflects would tell me to fall in love with this process and the final result will be soft skin, chubby cheeks and a beautiful smile. I did it.

Welcome Home, little One

18 December 2019. D -Day arrived. Excessive sweating. Beeping sound of CTG. Cervical Dilation chart. The clock ticked. I was in labour for 22 long hours. Baby moves started. My only reaction was ‘ make it fast’. I needed some fresh air, finding strength in my positive affirmations, murmuring silently while coping a mixed dose of emotions and pain. It was quite a peaceful, encouraging kind of atmosphere as my sister in law assisted and supported me with much care and patience. My body was apocalitiptically behaving, slow deep,rhythmic breathe… Now its time, few minutes in your arms…breathe Melisha breathe….the bulb light flashed on my face. I only remembered my mother, as she felt the same pain while giving birth to me. I cried for her. ‘Hang in there, baby almost here’, after three hard pushes, Tanush entered the world waving hello to all of us and went back to sleep. I breathed a sign of relief. I felt complete as a woman. I saw, touched and feel him, nothing is compare to that joy. Happiness has a smell. For a moment I lost myself holding him in my arms. This make you realized the voyage of pregnancy seem to be long but as you entered the operation theater, it ended in a haste with a special sweetness, an never ending bond. Chapter closed in a second and I started thinking what about getting another baby… I laughed to myself.

Motherhood smells like…Nurturing, Pampering, Feeding and Learning!

Everyday I became a bit more like my mother, supremely proud and responsible. Being a full time mother, an inspirational seeker, raising a warrior full of love and affection. Tanush, now is 4 months old. He amazed us each day, every second , each hour and we are more likely to be used with his daily milestones. Everyday is challenging , being patient with him, learning from and through him, exchanging our daily communication through his smiles, babbling etc. In this beautiful venture, my hubby has a major role, he grew with me during my pregnancy, as my moral booster and supporter. This bond bought us more closer as a couple ,more happier and less stressed. Adapting to those changes during postpartum, I happily breastfeed him, living with his daily coos to diapering, gurgling sounds and sleepless nights. Despite all sudden changes, I fastened my belt and enjoyed this ride of motherhood gracefully. He is HOME to us!

From BA, I got double promotion to ‘MAMA’. He’s the shining start to our family, our pride, and our ultimate love. He taught me the true essence of being a mother, a total pure bliss, depth of selflessness, that is undefinable. Everything came afterwards, he’s always on our top to do list . I am grateful for such privilege. Woman, we are born to our families as an epitome of strength, love and wisdom, blessed to give life and nurture them. My expectation as an individual have become more demanding , as he teaches me to be myself, give the best in whatever I do, be more creative and challenges me to see the world differently and inspire me to love like I never knew as a mother. My son, he is, I shall always teach him to love and believe in himself first . If he does so, he can conquer the world.

The greatest warrior in the universe has always been a mother.

I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.

Now, I am raising a man of steel as one day he could say proudly ;

‘a strong woman raised me’.

Do not fear the moment of a natural birth or c section . Both are just a conscious option . Both are painful but yet can be surpassed when you see your little bundle of joy in your arms wrapped with love, unconditional emotion. Even though the umbilical cord got cut but the relation between the mother and the child are connected from the past, present and in the future. Motherhood is a vow of our ties to one another. Women, our body got bleed, cut and stitched yet we survived. labour pain hurts but motherhood heals. This is the reality of my story , Woman. Motherhood is a journey where you stretched out of your comfort zone with the strength of a undefeated warrior. You make a difference in every family . Thumbs up to all MOTHERS!

The virtue of motherhood is always cherished and valued.

“I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother”‘