Mother’s day is a special day to celebrate our mums. It’s a day for appreciating our moms, whether our biological moms, those who have stepped up to raise us, mentor’s or Fathers who have taken up the responsibility. I enjoy the day by sending special messages to my mom two sisters and the moms iI know. As a mom, I also take the time to appreciate the awesome work am doing in raising my son. It’s been a life-changing five years for me. Learning to care for and love someone more than I love myself is rewarding. With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has made it hard for us to celebrate Mother’s day and other special events like birthdays as we did before, but that doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate this day. Here are six simple ways to celebrate your Mom:

  1. Write your mom an appreciation letter
    Because of the pandemic, most of you will not be able to travel home and enjoy the day with your mom. It is time to spice it up and write a letter accompanied by some chocolates, flowers, and any other of her favorite goodies. Letters are still one of the organic ways of keeping in touch and also a gift that she can always pick up again and again. What is it that you have always wanted to share with her but for some reason saying it face to face has been hard then this is your chance? Make it personal and include works of art that will bring a smile to her face and even tears of joy. To make it more special you can have every other member of the family participate and pour their heart out. Sometimes the simple gestures like this make the most difference.
  2. Encourage your mom to do something special for herself
    I know how this sounds but take from a mum who always prioritizes others than myself it’s a good idea. At the beginning of my motherhood, my son was always first even now he is but in some instances I put myself first and that feeling is like no other. With a little encouragement and push, she could do it. And if you need to finance it for her to do it the better. Both of you contributing to make the day special. For example, she might have always admired some dress, bag, or shoe or go for dinner in this posh restaurant, make it happen for her. The pandemic has allowed us to more creative and cautious as we have to protect the vulnerable ones in our lives. Make arrangements on how she will get there and the kind of delicacies she will enjoy. You can video call her when she is eating her dessert and share some special moments.
  3. Gather the whole family for a staycation
    The pandemic has made it harder for most to travel out of the country to their favorite destinations. You may have planned a trip for mum but it might not be possible with all the restrictions and trying to avoid the number of contacts you all have so how about a visit closer to home with the whole family. As I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, the final season, they have rented out a Malibu home for the family to gather as a family as often as possible since they couldn’t do their traditional family vacations. It is a way for them to spend time together in one place. I know your staycation might not be as extravagant as theirs but find a safe and comfortable place where the family can gather and celebrate all the moms in your family together. Take advantage of this time to have intimate conversations and why not reminisce the special childhood memories you had growing up.
  4. Arrange a special day for her
    If you are not in a position to travel and be with your mum, make local arrangements for her. For example, get in touch with local businesses for special treats for her. Check her in, in a hotel have her enjoy breakfast, then afterward a visit to the salon to have hair and nails made. Then later enjoy a relaxing massage, lunch then an afternoon nap as she prepares for dinner later. For dinner, you can surprise her with the company. Her husband or life partner to wind down the evening and enjoy intimate nighttime together. Your mother will thank you later. Am sure after that she will love you more and appreciate every little thing you have done for her and it will forever be dear to her.
  5. Take a cooking class together
    You know how your mom is always trying to get you to cook that meal, this is the time to take a cooking class together. Get in touch with a local chef and make arrangements on how you can do it together. It will be a fun time to spend together, learn something and celebrate her. Also, it can be time to learn that family recipe you have been holding back on. Show mum that you have been paying attention and you got it. You can have your children accompany you to the cooking class, what a way for them to learn some of the family traditions they should pick up as they grow older. Remember to buy matching aprons or ones with cute messages. For example Best Mom Ever, I Love You. Etc.
  6. Do something for your community together
    Covid-19 has left a lot of devastating effects on the community and what an exceptional time to give back to the community. If your mum is involved in some work or even if she is not, take time and help out families in need around your community or volunteer in an ongoing project together. There is always fulfillment and contentment when you think of others other than yourself. Your mum will feel proud of herself knowing she has raised such an incredible daughter or son.

Final Thoughts on Mother’s Day
Celebrating our mothers should be an ongoing habit. They play such an influential role in our lives that only a day would not be enough to thank them. Don’t forget mother’s day is celebrated on the 9th of May every year. Cheers.


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