We diminish Mother’s Day when we reduce it to a nice brunch and a potted plant for a select few. Through wider lenses, the day could be used to name and honor the impact of mother energy, pulsing through the world in its various forms.

Today is a day for birth mothers, first mothers, adoptive, foster, and surrogate mothers, for step moms and aunties, grandmothers and mothers of choice. It is for mothers who are no longer with us, waiting moms, grieving moms, and yes, even men who put this kind of energy, mothering energy, out into the world.

If you are making yourself vulnerable to another’s journey, accepting that you will likely be bruised and scarred along the way, this day is for you. Like Simeon’s words to Mary, “a sword will pierce your own soul…” Mother in any way and your heart will be broken, as love and suffering abide under one roof. This is a day for those who suffer on account of that love.

For those who have never felt the swelling of their bellies, but know the kicks and stirring of their hearts, ready to give birth. If you cultivate something of goodness, beauty & truth– nurturing, holding, keeping watch at night– this day is for you.

It is for mothers who have suffered the unthinkable, awakening in a world they no longer recognize, finding themselves somehow still here without their child. We see you and recognize that your love for your child goes on. We will not silver-line your loss or look away from your pain. It is an honor to be with you.

And for those who long to be called “mother,” but the years pass by… We stand with you in this desire– your journey matters, your hopes matter. You and your mother energy belong.

It is for moms who are no longer with us; whose voices we would love to hear even one more time. The ones that soothed and sheltered us while also reminding us of who we were and calling us back to courage. For those whose kitchen tables were sanctuaries. Your timeless prayers are still with us and we long to carry your legacy well.

For those who have said “yes” to this sweaty work– learning through sacrifice to make their hands into instruments of nurture. This high, holy, and gritty salt-of-the-earth work. We, the community, are so grateful for your dedication.

And to those who experience mother-bear-anger, courage that would be difficult to summon for self, but comes instinctively for another: we would be lost without your bravery on behalf of the voiceless. We need your passion for justice in the world.

For those who comfort, gather, and feed– providing refuge in an anxious world– you embody “home.” The twinkle in your eye steadies us and helps us to keep going. This is your day.

And so… For all those who have been broken open in the hopes of bringing life–you are seen, you are valued; today we honor you.

Originally published on Mary Beth’s Personal Blog


  • Mary Beth Covert


    Licensed Board Certified Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice

    Mary Beth Covert is a Licensed Board Certified Clinical Psychologist. She currently works with adults in her Private Practice. She is a contract therapist at Onsite Workshops and is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, leading workshops based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Prior to going into private practice, Mary Beth worked at a Veterans Affairs hospital for over a decade. She and her husband are parents to two amazing daughters who came to them by way of domestic adoption. Mary Beth is a breast cancer survivor and a plant-based cooking enthusiast. More of her writing is available at her website. You can sign up to receive her quarterly newsletter here.