Staying productive-Amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Efforts fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and its physical features are in place.  Many employees, including those working from home, are affected. They find themselves tied down to the emotional ties the pandemic tags along.

 Stress, depression, and anxiety are unavoidable. Employees are balancing the new normal and working from home.

However besides all that, businesses need to do well at these trying times. It’s necessary to shift the focus on employee well-being and help in their psychological status.

Employees are adjusting to how, when, and where they work. The employer now has to take the opportunity and help create better everyday employee experiences.

At the same time, employers are working different shifts and working fewer hours. They need to understand their roles. This includes how they can be of help and how the employer can be of help to them.

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Here’s how best employee experiences can be created amidst the pandemic:

1.     Recognize and Reward Effort Input.

Employers are outdoing themselves through the Covid-19 pandemic. They deserve a gift for their extra work and effort input.

A gift card or a meal voucher as a token of appreciation will encourage more acts of kindness though the crisis after all they deserved it.

2.     Stay in Touch

Social media is an excellent example of how remote employees can maintain contact with each other. The initiation of communication can also occur between the employees and the employer.

For some employees, through dialogues, they can relieve stress. This helps them dive right back into work free emotionally.

It’s important to realize that more information will be shared when there’s openness between the employer and employee. Staying in touch confirms its value. It also shows you care for them even though the Covid-19 pandemic.

3.     Pay Close Attention

An employer paying close and keen attention is an extremely important step. It’s not only crucial but the best practice at this Covid-19 pandemic situation.

On the positive side, being keen on employees’ concerns boosts their morale. This helps the business react to issues in its way and get solved before they grow out of hand.

Through this, employees will be able to raise important needs that employers can address through arrangements.

Some employees may need their shifts adjusted for family time during the school’s close down. For example a worker taking care of a sick loved one may see the need for working hours to be reduced.

Notably sharing their feelings and emotions is essential to maintain a positive working environment.

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4.     Prioritize Employee’s Health

For that confidence boost, the workers need to feel safe even from the comfort of their homes. Employees need to ensure that the work complies with the state and federal guidelines.

Above all employees’ health should be valued.

5.     Ask for Ideas

The employer should not assume and make decisions themselves. Instead, they can ask the employees for suggestions. Getting their ideas will ensure their involvement in decision making.

 Seeking their ideas reinforces your commitment. It shows they are valuable to the organization. They will have a sense of belonging, even working from home.

Through this, the employer is likely to get good ideas, ones they hadn’t considered before.

6.     Embrace Feedback

Some problems may occur in the line of work, and some people will take this critically. Employers should welcome feedback.

For the engagement to work, the employees need to have the feeling that they are heard.

Therefore getting feedback from the employees shows your willingness to listen. At the same time it also proves that you acted on their suggestions.

7.     Change Schedules

There has been a change in work stations. Not all tasks quickly done in the office can also be done smoothly to a table at home. It will be a difficult task for staff to work in an environment that is against them with ease.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic,the employer should temporarily re-organize the workforce. This means re-scheduling tasks to a more comfortable and relaxed timeframe.

After all, employees need to feel quite at home to remain productive despite the trying times.

8.     Professional Development

Working from home provides a time gap. The employer can make use of this and start opportunities for the personal growth of the employee.

Development may include learning new skills and tasking them with new projects. In the long run it will help remind them that there is still a future for them when the Covid-19 pandemicis over.

With the necessary tools, their passion and confidence will be renewed. The little flame of hope will not burn out.


Bearing the above suggestions into account will sure leave the employees motivated. It also includes having an open mind to fresher ideas and instructions. Productivity in your business will scale up. Since they will feel they are not alone through trying times.

The importance and effectiveness of virtual meetings should not be assumed. It will undoubtedly ensure the workers will be happy. Happy workers equal more productivity, as remote as the workers might be.

To sum up, together with other plans, with proper motivation, the business will grow, helping it emerge from the Covid-19 pandemicas a more durable and successful company.