While working with teams, it is always important to keep the team morale high. Understanding the team dynamics and ensuring we give them the best environment to work is essential.

If there is a challenge in keeping people motivated in work, here are 3 effective ways to follow – 

1. Recognizing Achievements – Recognizing positive aspects of an individual’s performance is critical in motivating them. A word of acknowledgement goes a long way and adds up to the individual’s list of achievements. 

2. Giving Consistent Feedback – Regular and concrete feedback when given at the right time is important. This can be positive and negative feedback both. Giving feedback will make one feel that they are been guided for positive growth. 

3. Establishing a Context for Work – Team members are more motivated when they understand the impact of their role on the project. So it is always good to share the vision, goal and most importantly how their work fits in and is an important part of the overall achievement. 

Following these will ensure you build a stronger relation with the person and increase their motivation towards the work.

A motivated individual will always positively contribute to the team, and a motivated team would always perform to its best potential.