Motivation Is The Only Tool To Tackle Money Matters

The fact is true that money matters need a calculative approach, wise financial decisions and patient attitude. However, these qualities can never stay for long in your nature if you are not feeling motivated. Right? You discontinue doing things in which you do not feel inspired and energised. Even if that continues, that is because of some compulsion. In any aspect of life, this gives the feel of getting dragged which can be hazardous especially in financial concerns. For sure, it can affect money management real bad and the consequences are perhaps known to you.

Motivation Stimulates Self-discipline

When you feel energised and motivated, you make honest efforts in the desired direction. This is actually replica of self-discipline that removes all the distractions and establishes the unshakable process towards growth. Most of the problems arise when you lose control on yourself and miss to keep the required balance. The usual symptoms of this behaviour are – desires dominate needs, expenses dominate income, debts dominate monthly budget and FINALLY stress dominates peace of mind.

With right dose of motivation time to time, you can make all the above situations act vice-versa. For instance, needs will dominate desires, income will dominate expenses.

Motivation provokes action

This is actually a hint to you that ‘feeling motivated’ should not remain restricted in words only. Things should come to the implementation level. Suppose if you make a rule in monthly budget to cut extra and unnecessary spending, do not keep it on paper only or in excel sheets. Bring that into practice. If your decision is to avoid car driving to your workplace and take public transport then start doing it. Follow that on daily basis and make sure that the spark should not go out.

You gain creative ways to manage money despite vicissitudes

The one of the biggest benefits of having a stimulus in money matters is that you stay inspired to face the complications. Suppose you lost a job and to support finances you have taken cash loans to your door for unemployed and paying instalments is your concern. As motivation breeds self-discipline, from starting of the loan tenure, you manage expenses with care. Also, you succeed to pay the obligation with the available sources of income (benefits, income from part-time work). One good thing naturally attracts other good qualities.

Futuristic vision is the obvious reward

Yes, this is true, when you feel stimulated or induced; you become able to see things in the long-term. Your plans for today are backed by the concern for tomorrow. In such situations, good future planning arises as the natural skill in your nature.  The current year income that you earn, a bit of it goes in the savings for something planned after 5 years. Everyday lifestyle changes for good reasons to keep the finances unaffected from any bad habit or careless decisions. In fact, your food habits change and then enters a healthy life-style, which purifies the heart, soul and only best comes out.

Helps to keep ‘keep going’ attitude

A motivated person is always equipped with undying hope and zeal. As the financial life is prone to ups and downs, the continuous flow of motivation helps stand strong and find the correct solution of a situation in a short time. Keep the ‘move on’ attitude in every field such as career, finances, relations etc. Embrace it and circumstances gradually come under your control. At least, you learn to stay strong and avoid anxiety on all matters.

How to stay motivated in money matters?

After going through all the outcomes of motivation in life, it is now necessary to discuss a little on how exactly keep it in your practice?

Here are some suggestions –

Keep written record of everything for a clearer idea

Keep detailed record of income and expenses. It gives the clear idea where the money is going, which in turn creates confidence as you feel that finances are in your control. In fact, this also helps in making proper planning of the future as the written record shows the fields where improvement is required. Also, it gives the hint of where you are performing good.

Save more

When you know that a good amount of money is there to tackle any unexpected situation, it gives a feel of proud. Also, the relief comes that a part of income is invested for long-term plans. This gives a peace of mind and you can focus better on the daily routine tasks.  By the way, it is advisable to invest the savings in some lucrative deal for instance the compound interest thing is the magic wand to multiply money.

Work on increasing income

 Time and world are changing every second. The prices too are changing and are usually prone to rise in every product and service. It is better to keep working on creating new sources of income. But do not avoid health concerns.

Last but not the least….  Motivation is the energiser of financial life and nothing can replace it in importance. Just keep it in abundance and things are sure to take a grip on normality soon.