Here I am CloudSurfing (flying)… and I can’t help but have my fingers typing on my phone. Something happens to me in the sky.

Looking down I see hues of red trying to pop through the greens of the Smoky Mountains. Flying through the sea of clouds, I take a deep breath of gratitude.

Grateful I followed my heart.

The growth, the strength, and courage I have discovered, simply amazing.

My heart used to whisper what I thought were silly things. When I stopped and listened perhaps those whisperings were not so silly, so I took a moment and whispered back, ok.

Ok was the first step.

I then tried to think my way through the heartfelt whisper and got frustrated — because on paper those silly things did not make sense. The how, the what, the why and the when could not compute in my brain.

So I let it go and asked my heart to show me the way.

What happened? I learned I had to believe in that whisper with gusto. A simple ok would not do.

My heart had to love me and I had to love it back. By believing in myself first, I reciprocated love.

After belief, acceptance. And then there was the test of what would I do to make something, anything of those silly whispers. An audit of my passion. Would there be enough strength and endurance to see it through?

Silly whispers from the heart will test you to discover if you are doing something for you or because you feel like you need to do it for someone else.

The beats of your heart will take you soaring through true passion if you are on pointe.

A little more “from the heart” will stir a beautiful life. Stop and listen to what makes your heart beat… it’s a good time for an inventory.

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