During the beginning of each year, after people gather for big family meals, many make a resolution to start diets and exercise in order to drop the pounds they accumulated during the holiday season.  Without a direction, however, very few follow through.  But did you know, exercise is much more beneficial than just weight loss.

With the stress of overspending and shopping done, depression tends to set in and although we still carry on, believe it or not, exercise can be of help for that too.  Exercise affects our mental health and well being just as much as our bodies.  The chemical balance in our brains that help us focus, concentrate, and feel confidence is directly affected by moving our bodies.  

There are actually schools that implement morning exercise routines to improve students grades and has major success with results that are easy to track.  Not only does it help students with brain power, it also has been proven to reduce disciplinary issues and depression.   Makes you wonder why they don’t all include it in the school day!

Many employers have added weight rooms for their employees to use because they know it can and has,  increased production and positively impacts their lives.  Insurance companies have also included fitness membership discounts to encourage people to work out for overall health and wellness.

Cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, mental health, and immune systems are all effected by simple exercise routines, just to name a few.  Instilling a small but steady habit of walking, yoga, or bicycle riding can lead to a more fulfilling quality of life.

Although we tend to feel we don’t have the time in this fast-paced world, simply taking ten minutes a day, especially in the morning can help you reap the rewards and give you a better outlook on the day and help you feel your productivity is just a tad less overwhelming.  It’s an investment in your health that doesn’t necessarily require a gym membership.  With the age of internet access, YouTube videos can help you become familiar with your choice of yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, or a number of different forms of wellness exercise without initial cost.  

You owe it to yourself and those around you to give it a try.  You might surprise yourself with how it affects you, and helps you by combining your mind and body fuel for becoming the best you that you can be.