Our bodies thrive with movement.

Imagine a world where you become healthier simply by going to work.

Overcoming physical inactivity is the new challenge of the modern world, and with a work-around-the-clock mentality, it’s almost unavoidable to fall into a sedentary lifestyle with minimal movement.

In fact, adults on average sit for 11+ hours a day. Our bodies are telling us this is too much. And unfortunately exercise alone doesn’t quite cut it when you’re sitting all day long.

We believe it’s time for change!

Here’s why.

The human body is not designed to sit all day, our anatomical and biomechanical structure was created to move and be active regularly. Research has now proven that several health problems on the rise globally are linked to physical inactivity (a lack of movement daily).

We must keep our body active to maintain optimal mobility and good health for years to come. The fact is, our bodies thrive with movement!

So if you work in an office, it doesn’t mean that you need sit all day. That’s just the norm for now. It’s possible for you to take your health into your own hands and increase your productivity, vitality and well-being while you work, with virtually no extra effort, simply by standing and moving more.

Try these simple tips to get your body moving at work.

  1. Communicate In Person
    Rather than sending another email, jump up from your seat and chat to your colleagues face to face. Not only will you bring more movement into your day, you will also have the added benefit of creating better relationships with your team members.
  2. Hold Walking Meetings
    Have you considered doing meetings on the move? Walking meetings allow you to get out in the fresh air and connect with your co-workers. The change of scenery, increased blood-flow and oxygen levels will stimulate your creativity and improve your communication. Plus you’re less distracted by technology and more focused on the topic at hand.
  3. Regular Movement Breaks
    While it may seem counterproductive if you have a lot on your plate, going for a quick 5 minute walk or taking time out to refresh not only gets your body moving, but it will also improve your clarity and focus, making you more productive on your return.
  4. Problem Solve On Your Feet
    Try getting together with your team and solve problems on your feet. The physical act of standing is a powerful pose, it gives you a more positive state of mind, increases confidence and gives a sense of freedom while you’re working. Standing also decreases your cortisol levels, which lowers stress and helps you feel more in control of your day.
  5. Try A Standing Desk
    Think about investing in a standing desk. Studies show that 87% of people using one report they feel more energized and invigorated during their day, simultaneously counteracting anxiety and stress levels. A US research study also showed that standing while working boosted productivity by up to 53%.

The benefits of standing and moving throughout your workday are increasingly positive and every little bit of movement helps towards improving your health. While it’s a relatively new way of working and may seem a little daunting to take on these changes, you can make small, incremental improvements over time.

Try engage your team at work to join you. Create positive changes to your work day together, motivate and encourage each other. It’s all for better health and wellbeing.

Learn more about the facts and ways to improve your health while you work in our eBook, ‘The Sitting Epidemic’.

Have a healthy and happy workday!

Daniel & Team MOVI

Originally published at medium.com