We, my wife and I, started to move / workout at a time when our relationship was being tested for stress. We were in the second year of our marriage and we had been merrily eating, drinking and travelling together. This, over a period, meant that we loaded up on a lot of weight. My wife was stressed and irritated about how her clothes did not fit her anymore and I had no neck as the double chin merged my torso and my face. I looked old enough to be my father’s brother. My wife enraged with this used the anger to motivate the both of us to join a nearby fitness club.

Working out the first couple of days were tough, however, the third day onwards we were starting to enjoy it. We made it a point from that day to till date we’re regular goers to the club and ensure that we needed strong reasons to miss these classes. We initially tracked our weights, but we soon realized that the feeling of being fit matters more than the number. Eventually tough we did start to lose inches and eventually quite a few kilos. The target though was to ensure our BMIs fall in the acceptable range, which were at that point in time bordering obesity. While today we’re closer to that target we’re not there yet, but we continue our effort since it’s now a an essential part of the feel good factor of the day.

Joining the fitness club was nothing short of lifechanging for the both of us. We have not yet achieved our goals, but we gained a lot of enthusiasm (for life) and discipline. This for me, was one of the first micro step towards making life better. The outcomes that mattered the most would be:

  • As partners we’re more connected than we ever were.
    • We as partners are more aware of each other’s nature, needs and we communicate much more that we used to.
    • A lot of issues of the past, today have been put to rest and which leaves us less anxious and happier. We talk more than we used to, and the talks are deeper and more meaningful.
  • I was introduced to yoga and meditation
    • This led me to know more about being mindful and methods of increasing focus.
    • The meditation and focus have helped me greatly in office being a positive guy with a lot of self-motivation and focus.
    • I am now a regular reader and wish to expand my knowledge base and give into the concept.

I firmly believe that workout is absolutely a necessity in one’s life and while I understand not everyone can or wished to join a fitness club. We all can take up small day to day activates to ensure fitness. Small things like taking a walk post every meal, using the staircase, brisk walking, parking your car a block ahead could ensure your body is getting the exercise it needs. Once we start liking the feeling we get, one could perhaps become a regular to a gym, yoga class, spin class or something of those sorts.