Dear Beautiful Souls,

It’s disorienting to realize that we live in a world of illusion and deception. We are inundated by fake news – and by false counter-accusations of fake news. In every realm of life, from politics to spirituality, someone is ready to manipulate us or sell us something.

What can we trust? Where does the truth lie? How do we make our way? How do we know when we’re headed in the right direction?

Now more than ever, it is essential to have an authentic vision and move faithfully toward it. We can do this by paying careful attention to four aspects of the journey:

1. Aligning to Source

It’s tempting to think that we can set our course by listening carefully to our own minds and hearts. That is important, but it’s not enough, because we humans are at the mercy of the ego. When we pursue goals and dreams motivated by ego, we will run into all kinds of problems, because we are seeking recognition or reward for our work in order to boost our self-image. Our ego-based needs also make us vulnerable to influence by other people.

But when we align to Source, everything is between us and God. No other human has any input in this relationship. We set aside the ego and surrender to the Divine. This keeps us in touch with the truth and maintains our intentions on the highest level. We act selflessly and give from the heart. 

2. Identifying Your Values

To live authentically, you must identify your soul’s unique ways of being. Each soul comes imprinted with its own signature blend of states – positive emotions and frequencies like freedom, variety, beauty, joy, and service. These are your deepest values, as personal as your fingerprints. Together, they form a holistic picture of the life the Divine intends for you.

Once you recognize your soul’s signature states of being, your soul will thrive as you seek opportunities to live in those states. Your values serve as directions on the compass, showing you which way to travel.

3. Expressing Your Soul’s Uniqueness

Your values tell you how to be in the world, but they don’t tell you what to do. To discover that, you must find your soul’s unique ways of expressing its beauty. Every soul carries a unique blend of God-given gifts and talents. The soul naturally seeks ways to express this uniqueness in the world.

It is during childhood that we are most in touch with our innate gifts. As a child, what did you most love to do? What were your favorite realms of imagination? What has your soul always longed to express?

Not every expression of the soul will reach the level of your full life purpose. Yet as you pursue your own particular talents and abilities, you fall into your home vibration that allows you to fulfill the intention of your creation. Being aware of your gifts is essential to moving forward.

4. Articulating Your Vision

When you align to Source and get in touch with your unique values and gifts, you have taken the first steps toward living an authentic life. The next step is to articulate your vision. This could be as concrete as knowing exactly what you intend to achieve, or it could be as simple as a sensation or an abstract image. What is important is that you feel you are weaving threads together to create something larger. Once you have your vision, you can practice prayer and surrender to remain in a constant state of alignment with the Divine, crossing the milestones as you go.

As we travel along the path, God will keep us authentic. Our life lessons are the signposts along the way. To progress, we must have an open heart and a learning mind. We must be willing to step back and reflect on the message behind each situation. Life is based in truth, and when we follow a path that diverges from the truth, life will bring us back. Trust this process and learn from it.

When we align to Source and create a vision, the path ahead becomes clear. Our deepest goals and dreams naturally come to fruition as we seek out our intended states of being, express our unique gifts in the world, and experience the profound relief that comes from knowing we are always guided by the Divine.

Action item: I’d like you to take the time to freely doodle in your journal. Let this be a time of exploration. Our soul communicates when we are open and relaxed. See if you can let your inner self communicate what needs to be revealed to you at this point in your life. You may notice that you draw a moon several times, then you notice that you have drawn a lake in the same scene. You’ll be able to see that perhaps your soul is trying to tell you that you need solitude time or that down time is essential for your well being. As you do this, you will be able to feel into the symbols and make a sense of what they are trying to tell you. Listen and then take action accordingly.

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With love,