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We are all feeling vulnerable. We are fearful and some of us are lonely.

Where is the Fear coming from?

We all have a reasonable fear of contracting the virus. However, we have a degree of control because we are taking the recommended precautions.

For me, I see the panic buying as creating the most fear. We have no control over empty supermarket shelves and, we have a real fear that we will not have access to food and essentials to get us through. Supermarkets are offering home delivery services with a priority service for vulnerable people. Using a service like this will help reduce these fears.

Have a think about the other things that are making you fearful. Ask ‘Where is this fear coming from?’ and ‘What can I do to manage this fear and/or regain a degree of control?’

Getting fear and negative thoughts in perspective is a game changer. Do expect days when you will feel fearful and down. These feeling are real and valid. Spend time in those feelings, but don’t stay there. Feeling grateful is a good way to move forward from fear as is prayer and meditation.

Where is the Hope?

It’s hard to be hopeful at this time, especially when it’s difficult to sort the truth from the misinformation. This in itself is unsettling.

On the plus side, this is the first time in decades that I’ve heard the Government speak about vulnerable people. Corporates and others are setting up services to prioritise people with a disability and seniors. Complete strangers are offering to help seniors in their community  

Everyone I’ve talked to agrees that we are in a time of Resetting Values.

Being so busy has made our world lose focus on what is really important – family, friends and community. This virus is forcing us to spend time with family and to connect with each other, albeit over the phone. People are really listening to each other and there is a genuine concern for others and how they are faring.

Truth, respect, dignity, patience and caring for each other are core values that are becoming more prevalent in our community and world today. Being gentle on ourselves and each other by being in the moment is a key to happiness in these times.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the negatives like the people who are panic buying and hoarding to the detriment of others. In truth, these people are in the minority. Most of us are being courteous and more open to each other. The shared smiles and banter with strangers in the supermarket is lovely. Focus on the good. Ask yourself ‘What good am I seeing in all of this?’

There will be a time post-Coronavirus. Reflection creates perspective and compassion. If you can take some time to reflect. Ask yourself –

  • What do I really enjoy doing? What makes me laugh out loud?
  • What is important to me? What am I grateful for?
  • Am I taking anyone or anything for granted?
  • What are time wasters for me? Do I need to keep doing these?

Make up your own questions. Ponder the answers. Look for your truth.

Importantly, if you need to ask for help do so. Individuals and their communities are coming closer together and people are genuinely willing to help others.

Reflecting and planning for the time post-virus will give hope to you and your loved ones. Visualize, meditate or pray that our world, through this experience will become more value-focused with a deep love of the other and a stronger sense of community.

Please keep in touch with your loved ones, neighbours and reach out to others.

Stay safe and healthy. Let’s be grateful for what we do have and look for peace during these uncertain times.

Helen McLucas ©2020


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