For every moment in a man’s life, there comes a certain point, where he meets a certain kind of woman. She is one woman, whose very identity is irresistible. Yet, it is for holistic reasons. For, she has the power of bringing healing to whomever she interacts with. Environments change and work for the better. People simply become better. Love escalates in abundance. Such is the beauty of a sacred woman. These nurturing, and Soul soothing vibes, are qualities, which makes the right man, appreciate her! Kindly highlight the right man!

Whatever it is, which captures his attention, just know that it isn’t cheap. For, within her is a rare, spiritual gem. Remember, it takes the right man to recognize, and appreciate, such a gem. Not everyone is worthy of seeing it. These jewels must be protected, and safeguarded for a later keeping. Remember that. Love has its own kind of following. Love is also a reminder that feminine energy is meant to heal. It is designed for creativity. Her energy, and presence, is more than the subjugation, defilement, and abuse we have been used to seeing. Through holistic and healthy representations of the feminine, there are entire new worlds, which are left to be discovered.

Once the right man has connected with such a dame, there is no turning back. For, he was meant to have met with her. Their journey together will be a sacred one. It is designed to be inspire, and light up the world. Love should equate to a better world. No questions, doubts, or hesitations regarding that. Even the very phrasing of “no turning back,” is indicative of a commitment. Once you move into a higher layer, there is no way of returning back, unless you plan, to fall back harder, than you expected.

It’s another song, through another time. The name of the song is entitled, “Point Of No Return.” Through the eyes of the narrator, there is a woman, who is clearly leading him into another world; a higher frequency. Evidently, there are signs, which have pointed the way to something better. In this next chapter of his life, something greater is in store. What does that mean? Well, it means that he begins to change his level of thinking. There is more to life than working every day, with the purposes of “surviving.” Humanity was made to do more with our lives, than to live in the scraps, which have been given to us. Our purpose is to elevate the energies, which have been birthed on this Earth. Yet, how are we able to do that when we have not elevated ourselves? Such a woman contributes to a different vibe when it comes to her union to a particular man.

Another song for the every day. This time, it is entitled, “The Point Of No Return.” Here is a man, whose hidden treasures are intertwined with this particular woman. He doesn’t truly know it, yet. However, he will get to know her, once things have come into line. Oh yes! Soon, he will get to know her. And through this point, in love, he will come to understand why such a journey leads to a higher point.

Gene McDaniels