woman sitting in a cosy living room

People are creatures of habit. We get used to things very easily, so any type of change can be seen as a shock. Some might find these changes enjoyable and mark them as leaving the comfort zone and that’s a  good thing. Other people might only see the negative side of changes and think that nothing will ever be like it used to.

Changing homes is an event some people embrace, while others avoid at all costs. We’ve all been in this situation and the best piece of advice would be to enjoy every moment of this transition. There are several things you must do to make your new home warm and inviting. Before you start,  think of your home as a place you always wish to come back to as it is designed in a manner that makes a person content, peaceful and safe. So, why not enjoy every moment of this transition?

First, you have to set a decluttering goal

Moving into a smaller place is a chance for you and the members of your family to finally get rid of excess things. It is believed that clutter attracts clutter. Now is the chance to finally embrace the idea of minimalistic living. First, carefully analyze the amount of space at your disposal in your new apartment. Then, try to dedicate a place for every possession – don’t just throw things wherever you can. You need to have a drawer for everything, a shelf or a closet space. If an object in your possession does not have its rightful space, it is time to sell it, donate it or just throw it away.

Small in square footage but big in style

Moving into a new apartment also requires you to decorate the space to your liking. We’ve already mentioned that a place you call home is a place you want to come back to. This is a chance for you to pick some new furniture, rugs, and shelves, add some new plants. Mix up your furniture as the trend of having a single living room set was left in 2018. Instead, pick a comfy armchair in a bold color and pair it up with an equally bold colored velvet sofa but from a different period. Small apartment is a chance for you to show your chic personal style.

The beauty is in carefully chosen details

In order to make your home intrinsically unique, think in terms of the details. According to 2019 home decor trends, bold colors are a huge hit, so paint the walls in hues of red, blues or yellow. Try to additionally elevate the space of your bedroom or living room with bold pieces of art which put a smile on your face whenever you think of it.  

Don’t forget about your windows as these can look a bit bare without any curtains, venetian blinds or shutters. Fabric is an essential part of choosing curtains, so make sure to pick some at Marlow & Finch and instantly elevate the décor. In addition to giving you some privacy and shade, these elements will increase the appeal and warmth of your living room or bedroom.

It’s easier to live in the world when you live in a small space

Living in a small space means that you spend less time cleaning it and taking care of it which leaves you with more time to go out and enjoy the world. Home maintanence of a smaller space requires less time and energy. When we free up our schedule, we have more time to pursue things that make us happy.

A smaller home also bonds the family as it brings family members closer. Due to less space, someone will always be in the kitchen or lounging on a sofa.  Social interaction among family members is another thing that makes home feel like a real home.

Changing homes is a chance to start anew. By choosing to live in a smaller space, you do downsize, but  you also live larger by – decluttering, spending less time on cleaning and more on doing things you live, having the time to bond more with your family. By choosing to live in a smaller apartment, with less space to take care of and spend time on, you get the chance to live more – and that’s the greatest thing in the world.