Moving to a new house is important but making it stress-free is something that you should keep in mind. You’re already changing your home for the sake of a good life and what good it would do if you make it stressful and unhealthy for your health. 

Moving is considered one of the most stressful events that you’d face in life because of mental illness you’d have to face. Moving is caused by many stressful things:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Lost your job
  • Long term illness
  • Family break up

Some people are determined to live at one place so they just prefer not to move to the other cities. They just keep on expanding their lands on the surrounding areas which are a pretty fruitful technique to make life a bit easier.

Moving effects on adults and children

Adults can clearly discuss how mobility affects them, but children, especially young, cannot verbally express their feelings about moving. Young children are considered resilient and adaptable to exercise. However, the possible effects of moving home on young children’s health and development outcomes have until now been studied with little.

A study found that most of the people stay at home before they turn to eighteen. The study demonstrates that emotional and behavior changes are clearly different in children than adults.

There is no point denying the fact that moving can be pretty stressful even for the most strong-headed people. A lot of changes and adjustments are on their way and you may need to take care of your kids along the way. You have to cater to their needs and help them cope with the myriad of changes. Signing the mortgage documents is like sealing your hunt for the new house. You have still got a lot of ground to cover.

Here is an ultimate moving checklist for a stress-free move

There is a long list of things you need to get done but moving is the most tiring of them all. It is a multiple-step process and chaos. But since you’ve already made up your mind and you’re committed to moving to another city, I have written down a complete checklist for you. A little help may not alleviate all your challenges but it can bring a few significant changes.

1. Sort And Sale

One should ideally begin the preparations for about 8 weeks before the moving day. If you delay further than this, you will overtire yourself. The first step is to de-clutter your house. Moving can be stressful when you start thinking of taking every single thing with you. Here’s a simple hack, don’t take products with you that you don’t use. You can also arrange a garage sale to earn a few bucks.

2. Hire A Moving Company

The simplest way to manage a successful move is to hire a residential moving company. The professionals are trained and generally have years of experience in relocating heavy items. They can help you in relocating your belongings to the new home. 

You will not have to worry about rental trucks, traffic regulations, and storage. Don’t forget to ask for the mover’s U.S. Department of Transportation license number.

3. Make Travel Arrangements

Making travel arrangements well ahead is highly recommended. It is easy to find affordable flights or train tickets. Or do you prefer to go to your car? It all depends on your choices. Don’t leave the decision on the last day. Plan all the details.

4. Order Packing Supplies

Some homeowners hire movers or professional packers for packing services. If you are one of them you are going to need them near the moving days. Packing on your own gives you better control of the move and a lot of privacy. Order packing supplies about four weeks before the moving date. Pack the items you will not need in the next four weeks. It can save you from the last-minute hassle.

5. Contact Your Doctor, School, And Insurance Companies

You have to think about all the people who need to be informed about the move. Your family doctors and insurance companies are some of the most important. If you have school-going kids, contact the administration or visit the school to discuss it.

6. Pack And Label

Smart packing is the only way to go. If you rush in and forget to do the packing the right way, be prepared to work harder while unpacking. Be generous with the use of labeling tape and you will find settling in the new house a lot easier.

7. Inform Your Utility Companies

Informing your utility companies is crucial. You don’t want to get billed for utilities for two houses at the same time! The earlier you inform them better.

8. Say Hi To New Beginnings

Get done with the end of tenancy cleaning and it is time to say hi to the new beginnings. Leave a message or email to your neighbors. Keep your valuables with you. Let the local moving company take care of the rest.