Your business is navigating unfamiliar territory by moving office during a pandemic. But it’s an uncomfortable reality many businesses have had to endure in the past few months. Because there is no conclusive method to conduct this already complex process, commercial movers will require far greater expertise when moving.

Benefits of Moving Offices During Pandemic

Working during a pandemic has taught us that there are some advantages to moving offices during a pandemic.

Fewer Interruptions: More staff work remotely, therefore, a move will not be interrupting the workflow or essential work processes.

Less Downtime: Your company will not have to shut down or work on a skeleton staff for the days when you’re moving.

Minimal Moving Parts: The spread of an airborne disease can be hindered when working in high-stress conditions that are common in commercial moves. Fewer employees in the office mean fewer people to manage.

The Four-step Process of Conducting a Corporate Move

Segmenting your moving process into four sections guarantees that the process will be swift while limiting property damage.

Assessment and Analysis

The start of the moving process begins with an assessment of your office equipment, furniture, and current setup. This process is crucial to ensuring the move is as efficient as possible. It also helps movers safely — and successfully — relocate your office.

Capacity and Logistics

Now you need to determine the capacity of your moving company and how they will facilitate the move. You can also ascertain the logistics of the move, including finalizing aspects such as the date, time, new location, and unique demands. Discuss who is supervising the move, what is insured, agreements, and clear points of contact to prevent miscommunication.

Safety Protocols and Cleaning

The safety of your workers should be a priority of the commercial moving company you choose to hire.

Our mission is to ensure our moving service adheres to the CDC’s protocols and guidelines as it pertains to preventing the spread of the virus. Therefore, there are specific rules we require our staff to adhere to including:

  • Social distancing.
  • Frequent sanitization.
  • Wearing masks.
  • Use of gloves (where necessary).
  • Frequent testing, quarantining, and contact tracing.

While the moving company is responsible for moving furniture, electronics, and equipment, hiring a cleaning company is the responsibility of the company soliciting the relocation.

The cleaning should be conducted at the new office to sanitize and disinfect the space, so it’s safe for employees.

Setting Up and Storage

The final stage in this process is to install your furniture at your new office. You may also want to consider getting storage for additional items that do not have space or are not necessary for your new office design.

It’s also at this stage when your cleaning crew needs to sanitize your office furniture and equipment, to ensure employees are returning to a safe working environment.