Moving forward requires leaving the old life behind. I am often torn about abandoning old friends because it takes me a long time to make friends. Another aspect of ditching my current group is that they are strong in other areas, even though they have no goals or ambitions. Should I forsake them just because they don’t make enough money and complain incessantly?

My family moved a lot when I was growing up. As an adult, I have moved several times and have struggled to develop deep-rooted relationships. Maybe it has caused me to settle for whatever I could get. My current group of friends and I came together because we were all equally miserable. In the years since, I have managed to dig myself out of a rut. The others however continue to bemoan their cursed fate. My patience with their floundering is waning. I feel like I am holding a rope for them to use to climb out of a hole but they are refusing to grab onto it. Eventually, I am just going to have to throw it down and walk away.

I want to grow and find others who are further along than me in the areas of my life I score low in. Of course, they would most likely not want to be around me because I would be the weakest link. Winners don’t want to take too much of a chance. Like with anything, a person just can’t take from others without offering something else in return. I figure what I lack in income, I can make up for in insight. It has been said that where we have sight in one area, we are blind in another. I would think that my wanting to learn from those earning more money than me could gain greater perspective of their situation thanks to my input.