My favorite top two music genres are Western Classical and Bebop Jazz, but I haven’t been listening to Classical for a long while. I am working on a concept for my next album which is basically Trip-Hop, or Chill-Out and been listening to Chill-Out mixes on YouTube. Then just about a week ago, I got the urge to hear some classical, and tapped into Mozart, and it happened.

There is a lot written about Mozart and the hidden power of his music, but I got a first hand experience after returning to it. And the clarity of this power, truly, blew me away; or a better term would be refocused me. I believe Mozart rewires your brain and gives it an upgrade.

The effect doesn’t stand out if you listen to Mozart on regular basis but if you take a break from it like I did and then come back to it, it becomes quite obvious.

Of all the Western Classical composers, Mozart seems to operate on a unique dimension. As soon as I retuned to Mozart after several months I felt an immediate realigning. I was amazed how much I missed being away from Western Classical.

Of course there is so much written about Mozart music boosting brainpower. In fact on YouTube they have specific categories for it. Even
the Buddha of cinema, Hitchcock, in his 1958 masterpiece Vertigo, talks about
the healing powers of Mozart.

From a modern mystic’s point of view, Mozart is one of this planet’s most precious gifts to humanity and specially to those seeking Soul Evolution. Same as Rumi or Miles Davis, Mozart gifts us, every day, with the promise that the universe is better than what we may experience here. That the darkness that may surround this planet, and all of our issues, is not the totality of the universal experience. Ascension is possible and higher experiences are within reach. This is invaluable.

I don’t want to turn this essay into differences between various Western Classical composers, however Bach also operates on a dimension all his own. What stood out for me was Mozart refocused me with such a deep welcome.

A key to Soul Evolution is knowing when to realign. As New Age music fades out due to severe over cloning and most music today is highly commercialized, it’s amazing that we have original works from Mozart and Miles Davis to remind us what perfection is like, even on Earth.

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  • Shahram Shiva

    Shahram Shiva is an author, writer, poet, recording artist and award-winning translator of Rumi. He is teacher of advanced spirituality and ascension.

    Shahram Shiva is an author, writer, poet, recording artist and award-winning translator and scholar of Rumi.

    He is the founder of Rumi Network and one of the original translators and popularizers of Rumi. Shahram Shiva's Rumi interpretations are quoted and referred to in about 300 books in English and other languages.

    He is a teacher of advanced spirituality (aka ascension). He is known for rich and entrancing concerts and performances, captivating talks and powerful experiential workshops.

    Shahram Shiva's teachings are on the future of spirituality, consciousness expansion, vision manifestation, enlightenment, ascension and self-realization.

    Shahram Shiva's newest books are 12 Secret Laws of Self-Realization and Rumi's Untold Story. His last album to date is Love Evolve.