Hey Mr. Blue Volvo! Are you kidding me!

Really! You’re going to make this drive worse than it already is?

The cross island parkway is already a slow and painful death without you throwing your trash out the window, so can you not. The long island traffic isn’t even that bad today, so please stop ruining this drive for me.

I didn’t even realize people still littered.

I mean, I’ve seen people throw gum out their windows here and there, but you threw your empty, extra-large McDonalds cup out of the car. You opened the window, stuck your hand out like you were holding the Olympic Torch, and BAM, dropped it like you were dropping the mic at the end of the State of the Union.

Excuse me sir, but who do you think you are?

After the cup nearly missed my car, I began thinking about this problem. In my opinion, the main reason people litter is because they’re lazy. Instead of holding onto their empty bottles they drop them on the ground. I don’t understand why you can’t hold onto your used fast food containers until you find a garbage can. And, I really can’t understand why people throw their trash out of their cars. You have space to put it; the passenger seat, the floor in the back, the car door pocket, so why do you chuck it out the window?

You’re killing the environment. You’re endangering fellow drivers. You’re risking a fine.

Recycling bins

Why can’t you wait until you get to your destination to throw your trash away; or maybe even recycle it? I know, big steps from throwing trash out the window to recycling it and being environmentally conscious, but you can do it.

As I continued driving, I noticed more and more people littering. Nothing as big as your McDonalds cup, but littering nonetheless. I guess I wasn’t conscious of this epidemic before, but now that I was, I couldn’t stop seeing it. Peanut shells, cigarette butts, pieces of paper, all flying out of car windows.

Imagine your house covered in empty fast food containers, half-eaten apples, cigarette butts, peanut shells, pieces of paper. You wouldn’t treat your home like that, so why do you treat the earth like that?

But it is your home, and its home to 7 billion other people, so treat it with the respect it deserves.

Stop killing the birds and fish. Stop polluting the ocean. Stop contaminating the groundwater. Stop destroying the grass, plants, and trees.

Stop being lazy Mr. Blue Volvo.

Originally published at www.stayingswell.com