“It hasn’t been easy trying to be an entrepreneur but it has been a learning process,” Mritunjoy Dev Nath says of his foray into the industry. Despite not having anyone to believe in me, i had to follow my gut and take a leap’s faith.”

Mritunjoy Dev Nath covered an excursion of disappointments, triumphs and learning, who was beforehand a product software engineer, as of now living in Bangladesh

Mritunjoy Dev Nath an 21 year old Bangladeshi entrepreneur & Digital Marketer who started his career studying side by side had a dream of achieving something big. Along with his studies he started his social media thus helping in various campaigns for variety of industries to scale their business using the same digital marketing strategies that he utilized to grow his own brand name.

His tactics his work experience and knowledge has helped a number of people in different ways to achieve their targets dev nath also has been collaborating with a number of renewed brands. Mritunjoy also has his hands in the Bollywood industry as he carries various campaigns for movies and commercials on social media, Mritunjoy Dev Nath is a public figure, who has reached millions with his social media status and inspiring youth who would like to persuade their career in the same. He is always networking and on the go. He has millions of views, followers and people look up to him as an idol.

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When asked about his digital game Mritunjoy states, “One must pay attention to the needs of their audience, also it’s important to be true and genuine to them. The best way to influence people is to know what kind of content they expect i am always focused on being original rather than following someone, If your content and concept is interestingly unique it will definitely tempt the targeted audience once you learn to read people’s mind, there you go.


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