This is a blog post about nothing. 

If you’re reading it you’re probably going to gain nothing from it, or not.

I wanted to write but I had no idea what to write about. I decided to write anyway. After all, Jon Morrow doesn’t have two heads, although his only head seems like two if you consider his achievements in the blogosphere. 

How does he always seem to get it right with those compelling posts?

My anger exactly.

I’ll rather not go on fussing about it so I don’t end up making this post about him–especially because this post is about nothing.

Nothing deserves that much attention. It has earned the right to it. Without nothing, nothing would become something.

What is this all-important nothing?

Think of nothing as standing up in a train for an old woman to sit. And when she says “thank you”, you simply say: “it’s nothing”.

Nothing trumps that feeling!

The truth is if you’re still reading this post you’re probably doing so because you think it’s nothing.

You’re right. It’s a blog post about nothing.

But guess what, I’m expecting nothing in return. Simply because everyone returns with nothing.

Your gold, cars, estates, Forbes listing and Google search rankings will all amount to nothing.

The sad part is you can do nothing about it. You’ll be left with nothing. No wife. No kids. No clothes. Heck, nothing! 


Because nothing matters in the end. It may seem like nothing is working and if you do nothing about it, nothing will work.

It’s that simple. If you’re careful about nothing, nothing will ever trouble you. You’ll be thankful for the life that you have, even if you have nothing.

Having nothing isn’t always a bad thing. It just means you have nothing to worry about.

Nothing lasts forever, remember? Having nothing won’t last forever but you must do something about it.

You have nothing to lose. Lose it. Because nothing is stopping you from becoming all you’ve always wanted to become.

Is it that course you have to take? Or that career change you have to make? Are you trying to write a book? Do you need a chance at loving, again? Perhaps, it’s a habit you’re trying to quit. Tell yourself it’s nothing and do it.

Stop at nothing until nothing can stop you.

The pain may be unbearable but it’ll only get worse if you do nothing. Such pain is nothing compared to leading a life with nothing to write home about. You can change that. You have the potential to give the world everything and leave with nothing.

Don’t say no one told you nothing. This has been much ado about nothing.