Who is Ravi Abuvala? You might recognize the name if you follow the news about the latest entrepreneurs who’ve become millionaires. Fox News and Forbes both did feature stories about Ravi and the amazing way he built million-dollar companies after he dropped out of a top-rated law school.

What makes Ravi’s story particularly special is not so much that he went from being a law school dropout to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, but that he did it quickly and unconventionally. After all, the average entrepreneur usually spends several years before their business grows into a success. Ravi didn’t need several years with his unique business strategies. Within just one year, he grew each of his businesses into six-figure companies. Some of them even became seven-figure companies.

Ravi has disproved the common belief that building more growth requires an entrepreneur to devote more of their time and effort. Once other entrepreneurs heard about his story, they were urging him to teach his business strategies. Since Ravi always had a passion for helping people anyway, he figured this would be the perfect opportunity to help grow other people’s businesses in a similar way.

“Scaling with Systems” is a program in which Ravi started to help entrepreneurs build multi-million-dollar companies in a short amount of time. There is no game or gimmick involved in his strategy. He takes students with existing businesses and helps transform their businesses into income-producing companies through automation and delegation. By doing this, his students have more free time than they ever imagined possible.

Every type of business requires certain backend and frontend work to be done that is the same, such as marketing, customer service, and social media management. Ravi’s team trains virtual assistants to be highly skilled and then equips his students to use them for only less than $5/hour which is much cheaper than other options out there.That means any new business with a limited budget doesn’t have to exhaust their funds to hire assistants right away. The business owner can have these virtual assistants handle the menial tasks of their business so that they don’t need to worry about doing them.

Ravi’s business strategy works best for e-commerce and online companies, but it can also be effective for traditional companies with physical buildings. In fact, many of the business people who’ve taken Ravi’s educational course are involved in industries like fitness, real estate, home improvement, healthcare, medicine, and media.

Why do most people become entrepreneurs in the first place? If you were to ask this question to any entrepreneur, they’d probably tell you that they want financial freedom and independence. They’re tired of the 9-to-5 routine that keeps people trapped and eats up all the valuable time in their day. Ravi also wanted to become wealthy as an entrepreneur, but not if it meant sacrificing his days and freedom to do so.

For this reason, Ravi wanted his business strategy to encompass his three pillars of success: financial freedom, location freedom, and time freedom. It is understandable why so many other entrepreneurs want to have the same thing for themselves. “Scaling the Systems” is successfully teaching them how to do that.