Multigeneration Travel

We have been so blessed to have traveled with family throughout the years. We’ve created so many memories and it has meant the world to all of us. Multigenerational travel had benefits for everyone involved and is something everyone should do if it’s possible. I can already hear some of my friends saying, “Not a chance!” I get it! I understand that not everyone has a good relationship with their family and traveling with them would be worse than a root canal. If your family drives you nuts then stop reading but if not then read on for some tips for creating a perfect multigenerational trip.

FUN FOR ALL: Make sure everyone has something fun to do. People have different interests and no one should be forced to do something they don’t want to do. Make sure it’s stated that you don’t have to do everything together. Break into small groups according to who wants to do an activity. It’s also a great time to try something together that you’ve never done before. Options allow everyone to do what makes them happy.

SPACE: When people have space, they have privacy, and no one wants to be crowded into a confined space. Separate hotels rooms or adjoining rooms are great, but I think a rental works best. That way, family members can have their own bedrooms while sharing a communal living room and kitchen.

PRICELESS MEMORIES: Give family members the chance to have private time with each other. I love hearing my girls talk about things they did with their Mimi. Those are memories they will have for a lifetime. Take time to create some one-on-one time with each kid and some time alone with your hubby.

SHARE RESPONSIBILITIES: Remember that everyone is on vacation so you need to share all the responsibilities includ cooking, cleaning, shopping, and watching the kids. Don’t take advantage of grandparents because they are there to vacation with you, not be your nanny.

MONEY MATTERS: Don’t let one person pay for everything. You’re an adult, so your parents shouldn’t be footing the bill for everything. Split the bill at dinner, pay for their excursions, and share the cost of renting the car and condo. Discuss the budget before the trip so you’re all on the same page.

ADULT TIME: Enjoy some adult time during the trip to make some of your own memories when you get a chance. Play cards after the kids go to sleep or have a great chat while the kids are in the pool or building sand castles.

PLANNING: Make sure everyone gives their opinions on excursions, restaurants, and accommodations. Even if one person takes the lead in the planning process, make sure you share your ideas and get everyone’s input. Don’t forget to get input from the kids since they could come up with some fun activities. Create a shared board on Pinterest that everyone can add to.

TAKE TIME TO SNAP: Take plenty of pictures throughout the trip so you can look back on them and relive all those precious memories. My favorite picture is our family standing atop the town wall in Obidos, Portugal. Photobooks make great gifts!

RESPECT: Keep that golden rule in mind…treat others the way you want to be treated. Respect each other and feel blessed that you are able to share this adventure together.


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