Ian Mausner

The covid-19 pandemic has challenged people globally. Doctors and government officials are striving their way to combat the virus. They are requesting people to help them with the same. The pandemic has caused people to adapt to the new normal. Everyone is trying the best to get back to the regular lifestyle through different mechanisms. The norms of social distancing have made people feel secluded socially during these unprecedented times. For a large part of the population, socializing with people is a basic need. Maintaining social relations is essential for physical and mental well being.

Therefore, people who cannot do without human connections are feeling anxious and out of place. For a human to survive, it is crucial to make connections with others. Socializing enhances people’s mood, thereby enabling a better sense of living, says Ian Mausner.

To maintain good health during the pandemic, you must develop an action plan and maintain connections with people virtually. The pandemic is the best time to mend broken relationships and renew past bonds. You may also volunteer for NGOs and other organizations amidst such trying times. Studies have proved that people, who voluntarily help others, make a difference in their lives by minimizing stress and depression.

Here are a few ways to maintain social interactions during the pandemic

Use technology

In addition to conducting online classes and working from home, technology plays a crucial role in building new connections. It prevents the feeling of isolation among individuals. A vast majority of the population has become victims of social media during the pandemic. Social networking sites are the most trending medium to communicate with people. Social platforms enable individuals to showcase the talents and share the feelings with their tech family. Multiple applications are trending to interact with people virtually, out of which most of them are free of cost. The advancement of technology has resulted in face to face interactions, thereby reducing the longing for your loved ones.

Participate in virtual events

A vast majority of virtual platforms are taking the share of hits during the global pandemic. Homeschooling and virtual fitness sessions are grabbing the opportunity to render the best service digitally. You can also take part in activities and events held online. Several local attractions such as museums and art studios offer virtual tools to their visitors, says Ian Mausner.

Enjoy the simplicity of old school living

The pandemic is the best time to adhere to traditional practices. While using digital opportunities, take out the time to make a simple phone call to your loved one. Participate in family board games and hook up with the long-forgotten traditional practices.

Hangout with your neighbors to ease stress

It is not mandatory to isolate yourself from family during social distancing. You can always take precautions and spend time in your garden and your backyard to connect with people, says Ian Mausner.

Make a group with the neighborhood kids and enjoy with them. Play classic games with chalks and markers. You can also participate in a treasure hunt with the kids while social distancing.