From the start of pregnancy to up to two years of age, a baby is in its critical growth and development phase. The parents have to stay extra-cautious about their baby’s growth and focus on providing them with a nutritional diet. When talking about providing a kid with a healthy diet that includes essential nutrients, breastmilk is one of the first things that needs to be considered. Expert pediatricians suggest that it is best for mothers to feed their babies breastmilk until they are two years of age. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mothers must feed their babies breastmilk for at least six months. It is vital for normal mental and physical development of a baby. Breastfeeding a baby helps their body fight infections, serious health conditions, and makes digestion easy.

Formula milk does provide convenience, but it can never match the complexity of breastmilk. Antibodies, hormone, growth factors, antibacterial properties, cytokines, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, and many other substances combine to form the complex formulation of breastmilk. However, there are kids in the world who are deprived of it and grow up on formula milk. These kids have to experience hindered growth and they lag behind other kids of their age in various aspects of life. Breastmilk is the primary need of a baby, and Bob Fritz, the founder of EVOFOODs has ensured that no kid stays growth deprived.

The Concept of Muscle Milk

In the year 1994, Bob Fritz and his wife Carla landed in Guatemala to adopt a baby. The conditions of the city in the early 1990s were not suitable for adults, let alone for kids. It is due to this reason, Bob and Carla decided to adopt a kid from the country. This was how Daniel Fritz, their son, came into their lives. Looking at the conditions in which the kids were living, the couple was sure that their son was deprived of a nutritional diet. When they landed in Oakland, the first thing they did was to take Daniel to a pediatrician. The doctor informed them that their son is going to face developmental changes in the future as he was a bit behind in terms of growth in comparison to other kids of his age.

As Bob had been working to formulate nutritional supplements for more than three decades, he realized that he had to help his kid. Bob knew that his son was in this phase because of being deprived of mother’s milk as it is the gold standard for infant growth and development. He began to search for the exact breakdown of breastmilk. It was at this time that he came across “Proteins and Non-protein Nitrogen in Human Milk,” a 264-page book, featuring research studies by Dr. Bo Lonnderdal. The book helped Bob understand that breastmilk consists of all survival nutrients. Bob began working on his breastmilk formula and created Muscle Milk ® .

Muscle Milk – The Perfect Alternate to Breastmilk

In 1999, Bob created a breastmilk alternative that he fed it to his son. Today, Daniel stands six feet tall and 230 pounds lean. He is an inch taller than the average height of other Guatemalans of his age. Muscle Milk is the perfect alternative to mother’s milk, and it can help kids develop in a similar way when they feed on their mother’s milk. Despite being deprived of breastmilk, Daniel grew up a physically strong and mentally stable individual. Bob’s Muscle Milk formulation has helped Daniel, and it can help all other babies that are going through a similar situation.

The product helps in growing muscles faster than whey, gainers, or creatine. It closely duplicates the natural formulation of breastmilk to help in the physical development of the human body. It is a perfectly safe supplement as it contains no artificial flavorings. According to Bob, his Muscle Milk’s formulation “simply follows Nature’s blueprint for mother’s milk.” At the time the product was launched into the market, the people in the industry were not ready for such an innovative product. The response the product received at its initial stage was not positive. However, today Muscle Milk is one of the best nutritional supplements available in the market.

Muscle Milk – Mother’s Mil Hidden in Plain Sight is a highlight of Bob Fritz’s life. It is a product that is very close to his heart because it was something he developed for his son. He experienced what parents go through when they have kids who have slow physical and mental growth. Bob, in his publication, “The Amazing Birth of Muscle Milk – A Baby Formula? Yes,” he shares his story about how he helped his son become a strong individual. He expects the world to benefit from this breastmilk alternative, just like it helped his son.

Bob Fritz – Creator of Muscle Milk

Bob founded EVOFOODS in 2000 and is a prominent figure in formulating exceptional nutritional supplements. He not only creates nutritional supplements for humans but also formulates supplements for animals, specifically canines. One of the achievements that make him stand out is his human-grade nutritional supplement for animals. The highlights of his journey include his products, including the Caveman Diet, Milk Hydrolysate Peptides, and Power Jerky. Bob has contributed significantly to the industry, and Muscle Milk is surely one of his top products. It is a product that came into existence after Bob and his wife adopted their son. The primary purpose of Muscle Milk’s development was to address the nutritional needs of the body that one can only extract from breastmilk.

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