There is no culture, throughout history and in the world that has not had music.

It has been present in tribal rituals, religious cults and in tradition. Music is heard at births and deaths, festivity and misfortune . Their styles are as varied as the imagination because music is indispensable for man.

Music is the sensible, logical organization of sound and silence, it is melody, harmony, rhythm and cadence. We are talking about a stimulus that affects biological functioning, because of origin, there is music in the heartbeat, in the intestinal movements, in the thunder of bones and joints. That is why it is inherent in life.

Music has beneficial effects on the body:

  • Generates endorphins, thus reducing stress.
  • Raises the immune system
  • And it favors mental processes such as memory, learning and intelligence.

Music is indicated by medical prescription in psychiatric disorders such as: Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. Also in conditions where there is pain, it is even recommended in patients in a terminal stage or coma.

As a music therapy, it will cause the individual to communicate more neurons but also proceed to release a higher concentration of two basic neurotransmitters, dopamine, and oxytocin ”, insisted the neurophysiologist.

Scientists and popular ideology agree on a premise: “Music soothes beasts”, and in that they are right: music is healthy, because it has the ability to comfort and give relief.

Musical Waves that helps Reducing stress

Musical tones that are measured through Hertz (HZ) have the ability to influence brain waves. These waves are created from pulses of electrical activity emanating from neurons as they interact with each other.

The four main brain waves are: alpha, beta, theta, and delta.

Delta (0.5 Hz – 3.5 Hz)

These are the ones with the highest wave amplitude and are related to sleep. Children are also associated with delta waves, since at an early age there is a tendency to generate more of this type of frequencies and as one ages it is less and less.

The frequency of this wave, being related to sleep, is therefore related to rest. Unconscious bodily activities such as heart rate regulation of digestion are also associated with delta waves.

Theta (3.5 – 8 Hz)

Related to the imaginative capacity and the states of drowsiness. When the brain seeks to protect from strong or painful emotions, theta waves are activated.

Alpha (8 Hz – 12 Hz)

This wave spectrum is the one that is recommended to reach to enter the much desired state of meditation . When you are in bed, watching TV or doing some activity that relaxes the person but without causing sleep, the brain manages to generate alpha waves.

Beta (12 to 33 Hz)

The spectrum of this wave is already higher and it occurs in daily life. The states of attention and alertness due to daily occupations cause beta waves to be produced frequently. Being in front of multiple stimuli causes neuronal activity to increase, although an overactivation can lead to states of stress and anxiety.

Instrumental melodies, sounds of nature or even ones that have their frequencies calibrated to generate the kind of wave that allows relaxation are recommended to achieve moments of ‘peace’ or tranquility.

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The specialists consulted to address this issue agree that the use of music in its different therapeutic forms is effective depending on the individual, but that it does contribute to achieving a better emotional state. 

Something that does not happen only during adulthood, since music is a great ally for the intellectual and emotional development of children , as well as the incredible effects on babies . Not to mention the benefits of music during pregnancy .