Voices and coloring of green and blue go hand-in-hand. For they are intricately in sync, and in tune with the nourishment between music and seas. What is there to imagine when it comes to hearing a voice, so captivated by the fantasies of a watery destination? Furthermore, what comes to be of the lagoon, when it is forgotten?

When we reflect upon the lagoons, we are fixated on certain television shows, which so gracefully depicted them. For they are those sacred places and getaways, where one can enter the fantasies of a mermaid’s delight. Lagoons are more than beautiful! They are the understanding of Earth’s creativity; its ability to paint oneself. It’s the grandiose vibration of a loving fulfillment between one’s desires and, where one currently is. Should a person not be content with one’s current standing, there is always the always the ability to change it. For there is power in selfmastery.

Lagoons and water reminds us of that sacred time, when we remembered our time in the sea! We had danced, painted, and crafted our persona, within such beautiful wonders. We learned how to be fulfilled. Humanity and water were intertwined and connected with each other. No longer was there a divide, or the need to conquer. Somehow the human ego has caused humanity to lose its way. Somewhere, along the lines, we had forgotten. The hopeful aspect is that music always grants us the opportunity to, remember!

A song about the memory of a lagoon maneuvers us into the gem-like aura, for such a body of water. It is precious, euphoric, and a reflection of humanity, within our natural state. What if humanity could take a break from the harsh manifestations of our need to simply, “survive?” What if lagoons were presented in our daily reminders, for us to, live? Furthermore, what if reality is nothing more than a zombie-like state, from where we should naturally be? Perhaps, it’s the so-called “normal” people, who are actually, asleep.

Just imagine our awakening into a vibrant sensory, and painting for the Earth’s presence! For she is a canvas, rich with many jewels! If only, we began to treat her that way! And here we are again, in one enlightenment of a musical decor. The song is entitled, “Voce Di Laguna!” There are different voices of the lagoon. And, through this operatic taste, we imagine it as a reflection in Universal waters; a highlighting of a lagoon’s taste!


Jeannette Pilou