Monika Ilieva and Nikola Iliev

In these trying times when the pandemic has taken its toll on people’s minds, music comes as a whiff of fresh air that rejuvenates the mind and soul. That instant feel of energy is experienced when the right tunes hit your ears and touches you deep down, that’s the power of music. A single piece of music is enough to free you from the clutches of emotional burden.

Oliver Sacks in his book Musicophilia: Tales of Music ha stated that people have forgotten living their lives because of their daily grind and music helps break that chain and helps people embrace life. Music is an essential part of our lives, and we need to understand the importance of it, says the author. Record label and artist management company Cafe De Anatolia follows the same philosophy and makes the world discover the wonders of music through their vast collection which comprises multiple genres that are created to stimulate our minds. From deep house to oriental; from ethno to chill out, it brings a wide collection of music albums for the audiences to enjoy.

Each genre has its own feature like “Mystica” will transport your mind to a happy place, whereas “Ethno Deep Summer Mix” will take you to the world of spiritual healing. Similarly, “Arabian Nights” will instill you with an energetic power that will help you face the grave challenges of life. Each of its music has a distinct quality which helps positively and works as a healing technique. Cafe De Anatolia is of the strong opinion that healing should not be related only to physical health but should be a matter of concern for our mental as well as emotional health which needs attention from time to time. Music is a great healer and energizes the body and at the same time relaxes the mind and helps people face adversities in a better way.

The creators of the record label, Monika Ilieva and Nikola Iliev (Nickarth/Rialians On Earth) have been looking for undiscovered music and have released many compilations, albums and EP’s created by people from distinct parts of the world. Through their entity they want to send the message across that music has limitless healing powers and one needs to know the positive impact it can have in your lives by embracing it.