Shafiul Alam who also known as Shafiul Alam Rabby is a well known name in the music industry of Bangladesh. Shafiul Alam Rabby has gifted music to one international platform after another and has come under discussion for a music tune called “Long Way”.

His composers “Disco” and “Travel” received special praise from the audience. This music is at the top of the list of favorites of many viewers in Bangladesh and other countries in the world.

His music are very popular on all other international platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Amazon music and many more.

Shafiul Alam recently talked about his career as a musician “Music is actually an art and also a meter of practice. I always try to learn new tings and make new.

Shafiul Alam has already been certified as the official artist of international music platforms such as YouTube, iTunes/apple music, Spotify, deezer, nepstar etc. In April 2021, his YouTube channel and Spotify was verified as and official artist.